Saturday, November 19, 2016

Unboxing Vlog

Hope you enjoy this unboxing! If you have any questions or would like help on your weight loss journey PLEASE contact me anytime. I'm here to help :)

Alexandra Anne

Friday, November 18, 2016

New New Journey (but still same journey, just new step?)

What's up internet family? I miss ya'll. I miss typing into this little white box on a regular basis. Maybe after this semester I'll be able to type more schtuff out for ya. My goal right now is to FILM more schtuff, and that's been going crazy too. BUT, I have filmed! AND posted! I know, it's crazy!

My videos are not the quality I want them to be, but they're a start. Maybe years from now I'll look back at them and laugh (or cringe? eh, that's okay). Maybe I'll look at them and think "who is that girl?" It's always interesting to look back on yourself and see (hopefully) growth and change.

Anyway, I got on blogger and started typing in this box so that I could share with you my latest filmed ramble. It's not exciting necessarily but it's real life, you know? My aim on my blog and youtube is to be real and authentic with ya'll.

I'm gonna film a big sit down video with planning and schtuff but this was a quick update I filmed with my phone (yay technology amirite?).

So, hope you enjoyed that.
TLDR; I'm doing beachbody stuff again! I'm eagerly awaiting my package right now (maybe i'll film an unboxing? That would be cool content). I'm starting Core de Force. I'll talk more about it in the next video.

Share with your friends, your amigos, your amici! And let me know if you're on a weight loss/fitness/health journey! I would love to connect.

Have a blessed day and weekend,
Alexandra Anne 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dem Goals

I did a thing, ya'll!

I FINALLY posted my intro vlog for my fitness series on YouTube :)

You can watch it here:

I hope this helps hold me accountable AND helps inspire others on their fitness and health journeys too!

Please feel free, as always, to comment or message me if you want someone to talk to during your own journey, or if you have tips for mine!

Alexandra Anne

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New Year, New Me

Ciao friends,

Boy oh boy, this year has been something else. I guess that's what a first year of marriage combined with college and opera performance and a part time job and personal development is like?

Yesterday was my birthday, and I am now at the point where I can probably get away with just saying "I'm a 20something" because that's easier and more delicate than revealing my birth year and actual age. I am grateful to have made it another year and I try my best to not take life for granted! But at the same time, I want people to respect me for me, not base their opinions on my age. Honestly I don't even have many friends "my age" but of all ages! Some of my closest friends are actually twice my age, and that's perfectly perfect for me.

Now that I *am* a new age, however, I think this is a good time to refocus my energy, thoughts, and productivity. It is my last year of college (yay super senior/music major/transfer student) but it is also the year of my standing up for myself and taking care of myself.

Taking care of myself physically and emotionally is my goal, and I don't always succeed, but it is my aim to be the best Alexandra I can be so I can better serve the world and help others. It is my hope that I will be a better wife and friend this year, and inspire others to be their best selves.

For the first time ever I am listening to podcasts and reading personal development intentionally, and WOW! We have SO much potential, ya'll! I mean really, you can be in the best part of your life or the worst, and you could change lives. I really believe it.

In fact, my name meaning (Hebrew, isn't that neat?) is: Helper of Mankind.

Well there you go! I was named to help others! But I gotta help myself too. That's been my biggest struggle.

I'm going to be very transparent right now, and if you don't want to deal with that then I suggest you find another post or blogger to read :)
I have been dealing with depression and it has taken physical tolls on my body that I am battling every day. This past summer I would have mornings where I woke up, said goodbye to my husband going off to work, and I would go back to sleep on the couch for hours and hours until I absolutely had to go somewhere (like my job). Then I would come home exhausted from my job (lifting heavy things by myself, standing outside for hours in the Alabama heat, not eating enough) and go to bed right after eating something out of necessity.
I felt I had no purpose, I felt no drive, I felt lost.

(side note: starving youtself and THEN eating is a really sucky way to go, don't do it! It's something I'm still battling, and I honestly have to FORCE myself to eat breakfast, and it's helped my energy and depression so much)

I wasn't living for the right reasons; some could argue that I wasn't really living at all.
But I have slowly begun changing my habits and building healthier ones. Thank God for the people in my life who have encouraged me and not left me (oh yeah, that adds to depression, getting friend dumped frequently and not being able to be close to people you desire that friendship with...). I have some amazing friends who are consistently there for me. Some of those friends happen to be coaches or fitness friends :)

You may be able to see where this is going: I am back to more regular workouts AND drinking Shakeology. I am still working on my consistency, but wow do I have energy and drive more than I used to. Yes, I still deal with depression and loneliness (I don't see my husband a few nights a week because of school) but working out TRULY helps me fight it and kick it in the butt!

So, the point of this ramble is:
*I want to inspire and help others
*I want to be the best Alexandra I can be (and be proud of this next year of life!)
*I want to have confidence and strength to chase my crazy dreams (DO IT, DREAM BIG!!!)

I'm not sure if I will be blogging regularly, or if I'll transition into vlogging on youtube, or maybe I'll do both! We shall see.
But let this post encourage you, please: YOU are worthy, YOU are capable, YOU can get out of the darkness and run freely in the light.

If I can help you in any way, even just by listening to you, please message or comment. <3

With Love,
Alexandra Anne

Sunday, April 10, 2016

That Aching Feeling

Hello lovelies,

Apparently I can only sit my butt down to write a blog once a month lately, I guess that's okay considering I have been sick, had spring break, and am now in the midst of opera prep/the last few weeks of school.

I wanted to write because I don't really know how else to cope with this, and maybe you can relate; if you've ever been in a long distance relationship (LDR) you already know what I'm feeling, probably. If not, then I completely envy you, but in the nicest way possible; I wouldn't trade my relationship for anything and I love my husband more than life.

But guess what? Ever since I moved to college we have had to deal with distance; even when I moved back to Alabama and we were in the same state I still have been two hours away from him when school is in session.
Now that we are married there is nothing stopping us from seeing each other weekends, which is amazing, but during the week we can't be together. It sucks, that's an understatement but it's what I feel.

Yep, I am SUPER blessed to even have a husband, to even see him on weekends, but that doesn't diminish the fact that every goodbye is harder and harder, and that when I am my loneliest I can't turn to him and melt in his arms. I know that there are others who have it worse than I do, and I am not interested in a pity party or a "who has it worse" contest, because comparison is stupid and pointless. Do you really WANT to have it worse? Geez.

But because *someone* always has it worse, I feel like I can't talk about this to most people. And that's just so crappy, in my opinion; shouldn't I be allowed to miss my freaking husband? We are newlyweds and the MOST we have spent together in our marriage is 10 days, and that was only because of spring break (before that week, we had only spent together 4 days in a row). We haven't even had our honeymoon yet because of my school; yep, it's a choice we both make to allow me to finish my degree and for him to work in our hometown, and I'm glad that I am sticking with school but it freaking STINKS to be in this situation.

Honestly, this semester has been one of the hardest on me, emotionally. Now I'm not just saying goodbye to a boyfriend or fiance, I am saying goodbye to my husband, my partner, my soulmate, my one and only. We are one now, and that makes the goodbyes harder than they ever were, even though I see him more frequently now. It's also been a rough semester due to changing friendships in my life, and so many losses of friendships over the last year; some nights I feel the only person I can trust is my husband (again, I am grateful for that, he is my everything, after all), but I crave that closeness in a friend that I can just go hang out with when I am lonely or that I can invite to try new things with me. My time at this school is almost up, and has been shorter than normal because of transferring, so I'm in this weird limbo situation with classmates. I'm pretty much just friendly with people as they are friendly to me, but no closeness truly happens or truly lasts (I get glimpses of it briefly, then the person just kind of moves on to the next, and I have to watch them be sucks, but I just turn away and try to realize that it wasn't meant to be and they can just be my polite acquaintances).

All of this to say, I miss my husband, I miss having a best friend outside of my romantic relationship, and I hate goodbyes.

In 3.5 weeks this semester will be over, and I will feel better. Logically I know this, and I've been getting better with dealing with these emotions. But in this moment, the one right after he had to go home this time (usually I visit him, this time he visited me) I am feeling a physical pain in my chest and have been holding back tears while trying to distract myself. It feels like something inside me is not okay, like there is truly a piece missing or something crumbling from within.

 I will live, and in 3.5 weeks I will get to live with him again. But this sucks, so so much.


The positive side to all of this? We are so close and have been through so much, we value our time together so much more, and I think we are stronger for it. No power in the 'verse can stop us, and we are an example of an LDR that succeeded and is still going strong after 4.5 years of being together.
There is hope, always! LDRs aren't easy, but they are doable. I am proud of my relationship, and know that when I am in my husband's arms that the aching will go away. This period is temporary, and will someday no longer be the norm. Thank goodness!

If you're still reading, thank you for listening; I hope that my vulnerability can help someone else. You are not alone in your suffering!

Alexandra Anne

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hump Day Thoughts

I'm alive!!

Well, a little bit dying, but alive-ish, that counts right?

School and music and life has been so busy, I have wanted to write but by the time I get free time to myself I honestly just want to pass out. I think my body is truly exhausted (and allergic to spring) because now I'm actually sick, and it sucks.

I'm supposed to be training for a 5k and eating super clean, and getting crap done, and I slept 10 hours today and only made it to one class. But just getting out of bed, ya'll, IS a success. I felt like crap and can't breathe properly, but I eventually gathered my strength and did it.

Now, on one hand, yay for pushing through it! Right? On the other hand, I have to keep reminding myself that my body NEEDS rest and to not overdo it. So I'm resting on my couch, but trying to stay awake and be productive til my normal bedtime (or even earlier, but close to it).

Hey, at least I can plan what workouts I'll do when I get better right?

I'm so grateful for my online and in person support system regarding my fitness journey; one of my goals this year is to make this blog more fitness related and for me to be more fitness focused. I'm SO excited to run a 5k Color Run at the end of May! Even though I'm sick, I should be well by next week (hopefully) which means I still have time to train.

Back in high school, and my early years of college even, I could run 3 miles in about half an hour, no problem. Now I struggle to make it to one mile! I want to get back into it. I believed all the crap about "well, if you're overweight you shouldn't run because it's always bad for your joints," and yada yada. Yes, it CAN be bad for you, if you are severely morbidly obese or have a severe joint problem. My doctor has never told me either pertains to me, so if I am careful and don't overly push myself, I can totally get back into running. And it'll help with weight loss and help my depression be less! Win win, right?

I'm also utilizing a combo, or I will when I'm not sick (grr), of 21 Day Fix workouts and Fit Girls Guide workouts and their meal plans. I have several Fit Girls Guide e-books and LOVE them. I also ADORE the community on instagram of fitgirls! It's INCREDIBLE. I know that in my mailbox at home waiting for me are love notes for my lunches from women I've never even met! I'm a huge fan of women supporting women, and this fitgirls family is just that. And about weight loss and body image even, where else can you find that? Women are so mean and two-faced, so often, I get sad and feel hopeless. But then I get that message or comment from a complete stranger who tells me I am beautiful and totally capable of making fitness gains. Incredible!

So yeah, that's my little ramble on "I hate being sick, but when I'm not sick I'm gonna workout and eat so well!" ;)

Are you on a weight loss or fitness journey? I would love to hear from you, don't hesitate to write!

Alexandra Anne

Sunday, February 21, 2016

7 Hugs A Day Keep the Doctor Away

Happy Sunday, lovelies.

Today's topic, where I am co-hosting with the lovely Belle Brita for the #LoveBlog this month, is Physical Touch.

Funnily enough, when I took my 5 Love Languages test during pre-marital counseling with my now-husband, physical touch was my top language. I was honestly surprised that it would be number one, seeing how previously I had tested with Words of Affirmation and Quality Time as my top; I came to realize that testing with questions about my then-fiance gave me different priorities, obviously, than I would have with other people in my life.

Of course I would rather hug my husband than receive a gift, I would rather him put his arm around me than be relieved of a task. I especially appreciate any form of physical touch due to our long distance being prominent in our relationship for years.

We have always been drawn to speaking our love through physical touch, however, even since we started dating. I wasn't someone who was used to public displays of affection, but he changed that very quickly; we kissed on our first date!

When we were in pre-marital counseling, our pastor told us to hug 7 times a day. That's a great challenge! He also told us that physical touch is important, as are all the love languages, and that we need to make sure to take care of each other's needs. Sometimes I want more hugs and kisses and am not ready to let go! (Part of this is because of the distance too, I am always wanting more because I know how I'll ache when we are apart). Other times, we will just be sitting on the couch spending (quality) time together, and I have the urge to just touch him. I'll put my hand on his leg or his shoulder, and be content because I CAN touch him. Knowing he is within my reach is one of the hugest blessings I can experience.

But I have always loved physical touch, even in non-sexual ways; when someone hugs me (and they initiate) I feel welcomed. If a little old lady puts her hand on my shoulder, I know it'll be ok.
Sometimes I feel more pain when I am away from my husband not just because we are apart, but because I don't have many ways to receive physical touch from the people I interact with at school. So if one of them hugs me out of the blue, it completely makes my day! 

How important is physical touch to you?
Do you get your daily dose of hugs? (I'm still working on counting out 7 per day that I'm with my husband!)


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