Friday, November 18, 2016

New New Journey (but still same journey, just new step?)

What's up internet family? I miss ya'll. I miss typing into this little white box on a regular basis. Maybe after this semester I'll be able to type more schtuff out for ya. My goal right now is to FILM more schtuff, and that's been going crazy too. BUT, I have filmed! AND posted! I know, it's crazy!

My videos are not the quality I want them to be, but they're a start. Maybe years from now I'll look back at them and laugh (or cringe? eh, that's okay). Maybe I'll look at them and think "who is that girl?" It's always interesting to look back on yourself and see (hopefully) growth and change.

Anyway, I got on blogger and started typing in this box so that I could share with you my latest filmed ramble. It's not exciting necessarily but it's real life, you know? My aim on my blog and youtube is to be real and authentic with ya'll.

I'm gonna film a big sit down video with planning and schtuff but this was a quick update I filmed with my phone (yay technology amirite?).

So, hope you enjoyed that.
TLDR; I'm doing beachbody stuff again! I'm eagerly awaiting my package right now (maybe i'll film an unboxing? That would be cool content). I'm starting Core de Force. I'll talk more about it in the next video.

Share with your friends, your amigos, your amici! And let me know if you're on a weight loss/fitness/health journey! I would love to connect.

Have a blessed day and weekend,
Alexandra Anne 

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