Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hump Day Thoughts

I'm alive!!

Well, a little bit dying, but alive-ish, that counts right?

School and music and life has been so busy, I have wanted to write but by the time I get free time to myself I honestly just want to pass out. I think my body is truly exhausted (and allergic to spring) because now I'm actually sick, and it sucks.

I'm supposed to be training for a 5k and eating super clean, and getting crap done, and I slept 10 hours today and only made it to one class. But just getting out of bed, ya'll, IS a success. I felt like crap and can't breathe properly, but I eventually gathered my strength and did it.

Now, on one hand, yay for pushing through it! Right? On the other hand, I have to keep reminding myself that my body NEEDS rest and to not overdo it. So I'm resting on my couch, but trying to stay awake and be productive til my normal bedtime (or even earlier, but close to it).

Hey, at least I can plan what workouts I'll do when I get better right?

I'm so grateful for my online and in person support system regarding my fitness journey; one of my goals this year is to make this blog more fitness related and for me to be more fitness focused. I'm SO excited to run a 5k Color Run at the end of May! Even though I'm sick, I should be well by next week (hopefully) which means I still have time to train.

Back in high school, and my early years of college even, I could run 3 miles in about half an hour, no problem. Now I struggle to make it to one mile! I want to get back into it. I believed all the crap about "well, if you're overweight you shouldn't run because it's always bad for your joints," and yada yada. Yes, it CAN be bad for you, if you are severely morbidly obese or have a severe joint problem. My doctor has never told me either pertains to me, so if I am careful and don't overly push myself, I can totally get back into running. And it'll help with weight loss and help my depression be less! Win win, right?

I'm also utilizing a combo, or I will when I'm not sick (grr), of 21 Day Fix workouts and Fit Girls Guide workouts and their meal plans. I have several Fit Girls Guide e-books and LOVE them. I also ADORE the community on instagram of fitgirls! It's INCREDIBLE. I know that in my mailbox at home waiting for me are love notes for my lunches from women I've never even met! I'm a huge fan of women supporting women, and this fitgirls family is just that. And about weight loss and body image even, where else can you find that? Women are so mean and two-faced, so often, I get sad and feel hopeless. But then I get that message or comment from a complete stranger who tells me I am beautiful and totally capable of making fitness gains. Incredible!

So yeah, that's my little ramble on "I hate being sick, but when I'm not sick I'm gonna workout and eat so well!" ;)

Are you on a weight loss or fitness journey? I would love to hear from you, don't hesitate to write!

Alexandra Anne

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