Sunday, February 21, 2016

7 Hugs A Day Keep the Doctor Away

Happy Sunday, lovelies.

Today's topic, where I am co-hosting with the lovely Belle Brita for the #LoveBlog this month, is Physical Touch.

Funnily enough, when I took my 5 Love Languages test during pre-marital counseling with my now-husband, physical touch was my top language. I was honestly surprised that it would be number one, seeing how previously I had tested with Words of Affirmation and Quality Time as my top; I came to realize that testing with questions about my then-fiance gave me different priorities, obviously, than I would have with other people in my life.

Of course I would rather hug my husband than receive a gift, I would rather him put his arm around me than be relieved of a task. I especially appreciate any form of physical touch due to our long distance being prominent in our relationship for years.

We have always been drawn to speaking our love through physical touch, however, even since we started dating. I wasn't someone who was used to public displays of affection, but he changed that very quickly; we kissed on our first date!

When we were in pre-marital counseling, our pastor told us to hug 7 times a day. That's a great challenge! He also told us that physical touch is important, as are all the love languages, and that we need to make sure to take care of each other's needs. Sometimes I want more hugs and kisses and am not ready to let go! (Part of this is because of the distance too, I am always wanting more because I know how I'll ache when we are apart). Other times, we will just be sitting on the couch spending (quality) time together, and I have the urge to just touch him. I'll put my hand on his leg or his shoulder, and be content because I CAN touch him. Knowing he is within my reach is one of the hugest blessings I can experience.

But I have always loved physical touch, even in non-sexual ways; when someone hugs me (and they initiate) I feel welcomed. If a little old lady puts her hand on my shoulder, I know it'll be ok.
Sometimes I feel more pain when I am away from my husband not just because we are apart, but because I don't have many ways to receive physical touch from the people I interact with at school. So if one of them hugs me out of the blue, it completely makes my day! 

How important is physical touch to you?
Do you get your daily dose of hugs? (I'm still working on counting out 7 per day that I'm with my husband!)


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  1. My husband has totally drawn PDA out of me as well. lol I used to hate it and now I crave it. (But not too much). The 7 hugs challenge sounds amazing! I'm going to have to bring that one up to my husband. Though it will be hard for us because he works so much. But we'll figure it out. :)