Thursday, February 4, 2016

Valentine #LoveBlog

Happy February 4th, my friends! It's Thursday, the work week is ALMOST over, hang in there!

I'm trying to get things done, and keep up the blog hehe, and prepare for my recital this Saturday. Eek! It's not an easy life, but at the end of the day I know I'm working towards some awesome goals, so that keeps me going. AND I get to see my husband tonight! Yay! (Long distance sucks, but thank goodness we can see each other for weekends and he has tomorrow off from work!)

Today's #LoveBlog linkup question is about Valentine's Day! Brita asks us what our valentine plans are and what our favorite valentine has ever been.

This year is our first married Valentine's Day, and we will probably be celebrating the whole weekend and just spend time together. That being said, we also would LIKE to go camping, should the weather permit. One of our wedding gifts was a huge ton of camping gear and a tent and a double sleeping bag, so we really want to utilize that gift! Plus we love hiking and nature, so it'll be great to go up one of Huntsville Alabama's many mountains and enjoy the view.

How cozy does this look??

Huntsville is just gorgeous. We live in a beautiful city!

As for the best Valentine's Day, that's really hard to pin down. I've been with Michael since October of 2011, so we have celebrated 4 Valentine's Days together. Last year's was really nice; we were both broke at the time so we both painted each other little cute cards, and played world of tanks online together (Valentanks day, as we call it) and then celebrated the REAL holiday, the next day, Half Priced Candy Day :) It was really funny last year because I knew Michael had been working on acquiring an engagement ring, but that's all I knew, there were no details. So he kept reiterating to me that I would NOT be getting a proposal on Valentine's Day (which would've been cheesy and kind of lame anyway, BUT at that point in time I wouldn't have minded because I was ready to get engaged!). He did eventually propose, just two weeks later, so I was a happy camper (hehe, camper, see why we need to go camping? Ok, I'll leave the puns alone...for now...). 

The thing about Michael is we can do anything and nothing but as long as we are together we are so happy and joyful. We've been through many hardships over the last four years, and they have only made us stronger. And the thing about long distance is that it makes you appreciate the time in person even more, because you know how the aching feels to be apart. 

Since we are Firefly nerds in our relationship, I'll end with our version of my favorite quote from the show. "No power in the 'verse can stop us." (In the show, Kaylee says "me" instead of us, but I think it's close enough!)

Alexandra Anne 


  1. My husband & I definitely spent one Valentine's Day (when we were dating) with boneless wings, beer, & Star Trek. Very romantic for us.

    Camping isn't really my thing, but the double sleeping back looks pretty romantic!

  2. I love camping! We used to go all the time growing up, although I've yet to convince my husband how awesome it really is. Also, while my parents never had a double sleeping bag, they did buy two of the same sleeping bags that unzipped all the way and zipped them together to create their own. Although it looks like you're already set there!

  3. A double sleeping bag sounds so nice! You can stay warm from each other's body heat!