Friday, February 5, 2016

Love Languages- Receiving Gifts #LoveBlog

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Today's #LoveBlog linkup topic is about one of the 5 Love Languages; today's love language is "Receiving Gifts."

Now, if you don't know about the 5 Love Languages, I highly recommend you read THIS book, AND you can go to their website and take the online quiz and find out what love languages are most important to you (they're all important to a certain extent, but we all have different ways that we feel most loved and how we like to love others)

Funnily enough, receiving gifts has always been my lowest score on my love languages quiz. I don't consider myself to be a material person, and I know what it's like to have holidays come up and neither you or your significant other have spending money for frivolous gift giving. For me, I am appreciative of gifts because it shows the other person spent time to get it, time to figure out what I would like, and possibly time making it! Quality time is a higher love language on my list, so that's how I interpret gifts. 

That being said, I love guessing what present I'm going to get if it's my birthday or Christmas (especially when you see your present under the tree and you try to figure out what it is based on the size and weight and box shape; my Dad calls me "Girl who likes to know," so that probably plays into that!). I also love giving a gift if I know the recipient is going to absolutely love it! I like taking the time to find them the perfect gift. 

Do you like making homemade gifts? Check out this link I found on pinterest! 

Let me know what your top love language(s) are! (You can have more than one haha it's pretty cool)

Alexandra Anne

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