Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Fictional Love- #LoveBlog

Hey friends! I'm joining the link-train on Brita's AWESOME February linkup (stay tuned, I'm gonna be co-hosting on four different dates this month, it's gonna be so fun!) and I'm a little behind but that's ok! I'm on board now ;)

Today's topic is Fictional Love. Brita asks "Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?" and "What TV couple is most like you and your significant other?" 

First off, if you've ever met me, or been to my apartment, you've seen my Labyrinth poster and know that David Bowie was supposed to be my husband. But once I got married David realized he would never have me and gracefully left us behind (am I awful? Ok yeah, just a bit). Seriously though, Labyrinth was my childhood and Jareth the Goblin king was the man I was supposed to marry. I would totally have been his queen and danced around the castle with different dimensions and levels of gravity, etc. I also am a huge fan of Nathan Fillion, because he is the captain (in EVERY role, I swear) and my real-life husband looks just like him, so, I'm winning!!! 

Oh Jareth....

Captain. Always. 

How could you NOT have crushes on these men? Mmmm. 

Anyway ;)

As for question #2, what TV couple are we like, I want to say Marshal and Lily from How I Met Your Mother, except that my husband isn't *that* goofy. But I am Lily to a t.... anytime I'm watching the show and she does ANYTHING my husband looks at me and points (isn't our communication great? haha, we just point to the other person and know what that means). He's saying I'm her...I know.... she just gets excited and passionate, okay? There's nothing wrong with that. 

We are similar to couples on TV, but it's hard to find characters that go together that are like both of us. I could say he is Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly, or Dr. House from House, but I don't really have anyone to couple them with that I relate to. If anything from Firefly I'd be like Kaylee haha but she and Mal are definitely not a couple in any way shape or form. 

So I'll stick with Lily and Marshal, just because they have the same relationship dynamic we do where we are attached to each other equally, tell each other everything, and are totally passionate for the other person and would do anything for them and support their dreams. 

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Alexandra Anne 


  1. I love Lily & Marshall from HIMYM!

    I'm not sure if my husband & are like a fictional couple. I need to think on that!

    1. It's hard for two people to relate to two other people exactly! Although we know a couple in real life who are the inverse of us, haha, the husband is in school and the wife is an engineer whereas I am in school and my husband is the engineer. :)

  2. When I first heard that David Bowie died, my first thought was "He's the guy from Labyrinth!" I'm sure that's not how most people reacted, but that's definitely what I went! Ha!

    1. Yeah, that was mainly how I saw him, that and he sang with Queen on "Under Pressure" and Queen is my all time favorite band ever. RIP David Bowie.

  3. Captain Mal! Ugh, I love Firefly.
    I know they weren't a couple, but Mal loved Kaylee so much, so I think that counts :)

    1. Aw right? I'm obsessed with firefly, you don't even understand. Sometime I'll do a post on it, but it's why I have the relationship I do, and I even have a firefly quote as a tattoo!