Thursday, February 11, 2016

My Perfect Date #LoveBlog

Hello friends,

I hope your week is turning out well :)

Today's topic is about Perfect Dates, and I honestly have had to think about this because I usually am quite fine with simple regular dates (ask my husband, I am pretty chill).

First, let me list my top favorite dates of the past:

*Surprise picnic at the park downtown- I love being deceived when it involves a surprise or gift, it makes my "girl who has to know"-brain very satisfied trying to solve the mystery!

*Our dates to the Museum of Natural Science- we went several times when I lived in Houston and he would fly in to visit me; we love to nerd out and that place was fantastic. We also liked walking around the city (once we went to a park down there and have many fond memories, including a bird that kept harassing me and following us!)

*Waffle House and the movies- this was our first valentine together, we were still a fairly new couple (but very in love) and we wanted to be frugal but still enjoy a lovey dovey day together. We decided to get all dressed up (fancy pants!) and go to Waffle House (frugal and yum!) where I promptly spilled my glass of water alllllll over the table and floor....we have since decided that it isn't a real date unless I spill something. Then we went to the movies and saw Red Tails. Because we are awesome like that ;)

*The proposal- duh, of course this is one of my favorite dates! He took me to our first date spot, and it was super romantic because it had snowed the day before, and got on one knee and asked me the best question ever! It was private too, and super sweet. It was also nice to see where our relationship got started, and where our first kiss was!

So, to describe a perfect date, it would have to be some sort of combination of any of the above, but really the perfect date is any time we make for each other and are together. I love my husband and all I need is to be near him and I am joyful.


What would your perfect date look like?
What's been your favorite date ever??

Alexandra Anne

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  1. Our proposal actually happened during a picnic in the park. And I definitely love a good museum date. Rick and I are far from effetes, but there something about a good natural history or art museum that seems to make for the most interesting and engaged dates.