Tuesday, January 26, 2016

dealing with anxiety

Everyone goes through stressful situations in life, everyone goes through things that make them uncomfortable, but does anyone else know what true anxiety is like? What a panic attack does to your entire body and mind?

I'm no expert my any means, I haven't experienced all there is a body or mind can experience. But I have had my fair share of crap and horror and I want to offer whatever I can to try to ease your pain even just a little.

So here are some tips I go to, if I can, when I need to find peace and rest

* Drink water- I always tell my husband that water is magic, and no matter the illness (physical or emotional) water helps so much. It also helps calm my breathing if I'm having a panic attack and my heart is racing (can we just take a moment to say "anxiety SUCKS," yeah I feel better letting that out, thanks guys). I also recommend hot tea for calming down, I love sleepytime tea, or peppermint (also good for soothing your stomach) or whatever I have on hand; add a little honey and you'll feel calmer in moments. 

*Lie down- sometimes all I want to do is curl up in my bed or on the couch and not face the world, and that's ok. eventually I do have to get up and put my big girl pants on, but we are allowed to have a moment (or a few!) to rest our bodies and honestly just ignore whatever stress is going on. Rest and sleep are important, and if you're like me and have trouble sleeping even in the best situations a few naps a week or rest times are vital! 

*Go for a walk- this is the opposite of the last point, but it can be just as effective. Walking stimulates the mind and the body and can give you endorphins (endorphins make people happy, happy people just don't shoot their husbands!). The fresh air feels good on your face, the movement sets your body at ease, Plus you can take your music and headphones, which leads me to the next point

*Listen to music- I made myself a therapy playlist (check out this post for some of my favorite playlists including that one) when I was dealing with an abusive situation and loss of people I could trust. Music has always been my physical constant, no matter what happens; music gets me through my wide array of emotions and feelings (do you have different music for different moods? I always feel like I'm the only one). 

*Light a candle (or incense)- I'm highly sensitive to smells, which means when I experience a pleasing smell I become so much more relaxed and can calm down. (It also makes my apartment smell fantastic, double win!) If you can't light a candle due to building restrictions like apartment rules or something, try making some coffee or baking an apple. Those smells are wonderful to me :)

*Just breathe- I know that sounds like "duh, of course I need to breathe," but really, try some breathing exercises and focus on that. When I'm having a panic attack I cannot breathe properly in the normal way, so I have to really work at this one, but it helps so so much, seriously. Some of my go-to's are "Count to 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4," or "Count backwards from ten super slowly." Sometimes I just have to focus on inhaling and exhaling, no other system than that. It really helps, I swear. :) 

I hope that some of these tips have helped you a little, even if they're simple and possibly intuitive, they're what I rely on and I am still on this journey every day. Some days are harder than others, and that's OKAY. Your journey is important too, and won't look like someone else's. You're going to be ok, I promise. 

If you need someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to contact me <3 

Alexandra Anne 

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  1. I've gone through bouts of anxiety over the past few years, and it DOES suck! These are great tips.