Sunday, January 24, 2016

what i'm listening to (this week)

Hello friends!
I'm sorry I haven't posted, I've been having laptop issues (gross, right?) But I wanted to share with you some music I LOVE right now and think you may love too!


At some point I'm gonna post about the video games I beat in 2015 and how they affected me, but for now i'm just obsessed with all the music from the Fallout series! Thank goodness Spotify playlists exist so I don't have to search for all the music!! (Also I'm obsessed with spotify premium, they have no idea i'm writing this so this isn't sponsored in anyway, but yeah, it's just FANTASTIC)

I highly recommend the Fallout playlist, because it's classy as ${!%  (hehe)

Another one I titled "Therapy" because it helps me get through the hard times and just calms my soul when I'm anxious or hurt.

My tagline right now is "Fitness Opera Gamer Gal" so of course I have a workout playlist and a Nerd playlist (several songs overlap between the two). I like to nerd out when I work out ;)

And last, but not least, I'm gonna share the wedding day playlist I listened to while getting ready in the hotel and bridal suite on my wedding day :) (Would ya'll be interested in hearing wedding stories? I've got a few! It was only two weeks ago so I am still processing it all, but I have several fresh stories!)

Feel free to follow me or send me your favorite playlists! I have so many more, I could give you music for days ;) I feel like looking at someone's playlist can tell you a lot about that person. I'd love to get to know you via music!

Have a great week, and may your days be musical forever :)

Alexandra Anne


  1. I love finding new Spotify playlists! Thanks!

  2. I haven't heard of a lot of these! Looks like I'm going to be discovering some new music. :) Thanks for sharing!