Saturday, February 13, 2016

Words of Love to Affirm #LoveBlog

Hello lovelies!

Has anyone else had issues with blogger lately? Goodness gracious, no bueno.


On to the lovin :)

If you've been keeping up with the #LoveBlog posts, then you should know all about the Five Love Languages by now (if not, search my recent posts, you'll see it pretty quickly). I absolutely love writing about them because I think they truly open our eyes to how we function in our relationships and how our friends and loved ones function in theirs. We all have primary love languages, and we need to understand what people with other love languages need as well.

One of my top love languages has always been words of affirmation (I only recently learned that physical touch is my #1, but that's because I'm married now and when I first took the test I was in high school and single, but words is still #2 or #3 for me!). Words have helped me when physical touch could not be there. In long distance you cannot rely on touch in any way. I had Michael's voice, his pictures or skype, and his words.

I have a separate file on my email for my husband from back when we first started dating (that way if anyone was looking through my email they couldn't find it immediately, hehe, I had nosy parents), and this email file is FILLED with words of love, discovery, passion, and more love. Just knowing that I could write him any time was a blessing to me. And I love to look back on our archived words and see how far we have come in 4+ years (we've essentially grown into adulthood together, which is really neat to me).

But as we have seen in the other posts on the 5 love languages, it doesn't just apply to romantic relationships; these go for single people and friendships too!
I've found that I have developed an awesome skill in becoming close with someone just through distance contact; texting, facebook messenger, skype, etc. Some of my closest friends I've never met or I haven't seen in person in YEARS. Truly, years. But they know my deepest things and what makes me click, and I know the same for them. Maybe it's easier to talk to someone without having to see their face? But I still skype some of these friends, so that's not it. I think it's just we have decided to commit to a level of honesty that I typically find lacking in my in-person relationships (typically, not always!).

A simple encouraging text or picture sent from pinterest can make my entire day better. Or just to hear someone say "I believe in you, you can do this," even if it is words on my phone, it gets me through the day. I have an amazing support in my words-of-affirmation friends.

One of my goals for this year is to feel sexier and more fit and find passion for health/fitness (PASSION is my word for 2016!), so I'm going to, tonight, write down my own words of affirmation and post them around my apartment. There's no excuses!

Oh and one more thought, for my birthday card and for last year's valentine's day, my now-husband wrote me SWEET letters, and words are NOT his thing, so it was super sweet that he spoke my language to me. (As he puts it, he's an engineer, not a poet ;) hehe)

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  1. It's so important to speak words of affirmation to yourself! I think we forget that so often! My primary language is quality time and sometimes I really wish it was words of affirmation because I think it's easier to write a card or send a text. But carving out good quality time is hard for my friends and family who all live so far away. Sigh.

  2. Aw, it's so sweet that your husband wrote you love letters last year. My husband really appreciates receiving Words of Affirmation, but he has to work at giving them. Luckily he's good at telling me he loves me regularly. I need to hear it at least every morning and night! <3

  3. I love writing about the love languages as well! I think #LoveBlog and writing about these love languages has been a learning experience for me as much as anything. Processing my new marriage through these lens has given me great insight to some things I can work on.