Sunday, July 5, 2015

More Fitness Love

Hey friends,

It's that time again. What time, you ask? Time for another (read: full/real/legit) round of 21 Day Fix!! YEAH. I tried it a few months ago but had to bail because I traveled WAY too much, and honestly didn't give it my all when I was not traveling...oops...

SO. No excuses. I am #committedtothesexy and working towards a healthy fit bod! Also, MY WEDDING DATE HAS BEEN SET! WAHOOO!!! January 9th, I will be a Mrs. :) I'm so so excited, and you can bet that This Journey of Journeys will be documenting some of my wedding ideas, trials, experiences, etc.

But more on that later.

Right now, it's time to WORK.

If you've never heard of 21 Day Fix, here's an excellent intro to it!

AND I will be drinking chocolate Shakeology post-workouts (most days, sometimes it's my meal replacement, but my favorite is to have it after a workout, it's kind of my treat where I feel no guilt at the same time!)

I am excited to get on this journey again! I have a great team of accountability online (new friends that are on a similar journey who will message me and encourage me and make sure I don't crap out, it's awesome!!)

I will be utilizing the app that Beachbody just released called "21 Day Fitness Tracker" to keep track of how many containers I consume (i.e. if I eat 2 yellows and four greens, I'll put it in my app, and then, no matter where I am, I know exactly how much I've eaten; I can also track my water on it!)

For more tips and info, check out my pinterest board geared towards 21 Day Fix and my Committed To The Sexy journey! :)

So yeah. 30 minutes a day of my DVD workouts, clean eating, and YUMMY superfood-filled/nutrient-filled Shakeology; it's awesome!

Are you interested in improving your health and/or weight? Comment or contact me for more info, and I will be happy to get you set up! You can sign under me as your coach, or I can recommend you to someone on our team.

The coaches help us FOR FREE. All you buy is the program and Shakeology. AND I have full access to Beachbody On Demand; I can access all the Beachbody workouts online from anywhere with internet access. So when I go to Virginia in a few weeks for Historicon (More posts on this later!!!!)? Yeah, I'll be working out in my hotel with wifi!

So yeah, no excuses. I'm committed to the sexy, and KNOW I can do ANYTHING in 21 days!!!

Who is with me? Let's go team, no time like the present!

Coach Alexandra Anne <3

P.S. Do any of ya'll use FitBit? I start my new job this weekend and will be saving for a FitBit Charge HR, so I am excited to see how that will help in my fitness journey! I love seeing my progress, and this will hold me accountable AND encourage me, all while living on my wrist. How cool?
Can we be fitness friends? Or FitBit friends? Comment or message me! <3


  1. I used fitbit for a while. :) Mine ended up dying at some point and I haven't gotten a new one. I miss having it. It helps a lot with being accountable for my workouts. Another thing I love about it is that I can link it up through myfitnesspal so I could get a more accurate count on how my day was going.

    1. Hey Ali! Thanks for visiting and your comment! It truly means a lot to me :) And yeah, I tried using myfitnesspal today but I have no idea how many calories I'm burning in some workouts, unless I'm on a treadmill, and that isn't always accurate. I should be able to purchase a fitbit within a month, Lord willing!!

      Thanks for dropping by This Journey of Journeys :)