Monday, June 29, 2015

Concert Review: Lindsey Stirling pt. 2


Have you met Lindsey Stirling? Before continuing, you must YouTube her. Watch any music video or performance. Right now.

Isn't she amazing??? 

3 years ago I had the opportunity to attend one of her concerts in Houston, TX. It was amazing and made me want to pursue more styles of music. This was only the beginning.... 

(this computer doesn't have pictures from that concert, but I have one of me in the tour shirt, fangirl!!)

Since that first concert I have had a plethora of life changes; let's fast forward to October 2014. I got to see one of my favorite bands, Sabaton, and loved them even more! I got to see them again (with Nightwish and Delain) in May!!! I was quickly seeing that I am becoming a frequent flier at these rock concerts.

Last week? I finally got to see Lindsey Stirling a second time. And it was awesome.

My "I'm ready to rock" look; did I pull it off? 

This particular tour she wasn't coming to Alabama, so the fiance and I drove up to Nashville on a Tuesday night and arrived to a pretty packed outdoor amphitheater. It was my first time (in a long time, as in, since childhood) to go to an outdoor concert, so I was pretty excited but also a little nervous.

Well, I had good reason to be. It was raining for most of our drive up to Nashville, and due to thunderstorm warnings we actually had to evacuate the venue before the concert could even begin! So we all shuffled to our cars and waited for the all clear (they had heard thunder or seen lightning, so even though it wasn't raining we still had to wait for it to clear out), and then we headed back to our spots on the grass/gravel edge. 

After that little hiccup we had a fantastic time dancing and jumping to some of our favorite music! 

Disclaimer; not my picture, found on twitter

She did a Gamer Medley, including her Assassin's Creed song!! I fangirled SO hard! 

Once again, I've been inspired to work hard at my craft and chase my dreams. I am also truly impressed by Lindsey's musicianship and skills. She is not a trained dancer, and writes her own music, and you know DANCES WHILE PLAYING THE VIOLIN. Come on, that's cooler than anything really. :) 

I'm a dreamchaser, and a music maker. Thank you to the concerts that keep me going. 

I highly recommend attending a Lindsey Stirling concert when she's in your area!! And until then, just YouTube the heck out of her, sound good? 


What concerts have you gone to lately? Any summer festivals anyone?

xoxo, Alexandra Anne 

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