Sunday, June 28, 2015

Currently With Allie

Totally stole this from Heather at her place, check her out! 

Eating // Carrots and homemade Ranch (made with Greek Yogurt!! YUM!)

Drinking // Chocolate Shakeology (MORE YUM. Want some? Comment or message me, I'll hook you up!)

Feeling // Inspired to get things done, but relax at the same time haha 

 Weather // Humid. And sunny.  Thank you, Alabama/Deep South. 

 Needing // To buy more litter and some more veggies for Bible Study later

 Thinking // Blog, Gaming, Fitness (Want to get a FitBit so badly!), Gotta plan that wedding yo 

Reading // Bible. And Game of Thrones. Those don't exactly go together, oops 

 Playing // Asssasin's Creed Revalations, Mass Effect, Bioshock Infinite, Battleblock Theater

 Watching // Pretty Little Liars, Babylon5, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Family Guy 


Here's a random cat, because this is the internet.

What are you currently up to? 

Happy Sunday, friends! 

xoxo, Allie Anne 

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