Saturday, June 20, 2015

Best Friend's Day (fiance version)

I'm really lucky. No, I mean super duper lucky. I have had a wonderful day with my best friend; we hung out at NASA On The Square downtown, we got sushi, and we traded in some video games for the Mass Effect series on xbox360. We've just been hanging out and gaming all day long, being our fabulous nerdy selves.

The best part? I get to kiss him between battles and I get to hug on him while we learn new tactics and derp around.

I've been a gamer girl my whole life, but my fiance has unleashed a monster in me. See, I wasn't allowed to have video games as a kid, but I could play tabletop games (i.e. Dungeons and Dragons, that sort of thing) and some computer games (Tomb Raider WAS my childhood, which might explain my love of firearms). I never had a gameboy, or playstation, or xbox.

So now that I'm an "adult" and have been with the fiance, I have access to allllll sorts of games. He even gave me his old gaming computer when he upgraded to a newer one. And a few years ago I bought my own xbox360.

Monster = me.

Do you know how many games I'm playing through right now? Oh good grief, it's too much. And I'm SO happy about it.

I'm an adult, yes. But my summer is consisting of: planning my wedding, getting a job (interview on Wednesday, fingers crossed!!!), learning music for my recital in the fall, and gaming gaming GAMING.

Here's a list of games and series I'm loving or have recently finished and wish I still were playing...

Bioshock (beat the 1st one, playing Infinite now)
Assassin's Creed series (I'm on Revelations)
Mass Effect
Battleblock Theatre
Red Dead Redemption
Tomb Raider (any/all of them)
Deus Ex
Half Life 2

yeah, it's a good summer so far :)

But I'm just grateful to get to spend my day of nerdiness with my best friend and true love <3


What games are you playing?
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xoxo, alexandra anne 

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