Friday, June 19, 2015


I've never done a post with a hashtag in the title, but I want this to be my focus.

When I got engaged on February 28th, I knew that I had a reason (officially) to push myself to be the best version of myself I can be. It's not just about me anymore, I am going to marry my best friend and commit my life to him. He deserves the best Alexandra Anne there can be. So we came up with a phrase to get us through the health journey we are both taking; we are #committedtothesexy.

Every workout, every veggie-packed meal, every sore muscle, it's all worth it for us. We are committed to making healthier choices.

Now that we are setting a date for a January wedding (YAY!) that gives me about six months to get healthy and get sexy for that wedding dress. I want to be a beautiful bride, and a hot wife.

Longterm, however, I want to be healthy and happy. I want to feel strong and capable of anything. Feeling sluggish SUCKS. Having clothes not fit SUCKS. You know what doesn't suck? Endorphins, yo. I'm serious, the high I get post-workout is fantastic and keeps me coming back.

I'm NOT a morning person, and I'm not a person who gets excited about going to the gym. But I'm working on both of those. I am excited about the sexy wife I'm going to be :)

It's ok if I have a bad day, we are all human. I want to document this journey in my life, my fitness journey. I am committed.

Are you?


*This month I am utilizing the awesome program from Beachbody called 21 Day Fix, and drinking chocolate Shakeology
*I am also going to start taking fencing lessons/class
*And I'm utilizing the fitness center at my current apartment complex :)

Do you like my pink hair? I am practicing for when I'm a rockstar ;) 

If you're on a fitness journey too, I would love to connect with you! I'm all for encouragement and accountability. Check out my contact page :)

xoxo, Alexandra Anne

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