Monday, April 27, 2015

New Beginnings (Ooh, Is That Too Cheesy?)

Ciao, blog world! I've missed you! Now that summer break is approaching I seriously will be committing more time to writing here. I will especially be committed because of all the new things in my life I want to share with you! Phew, it's been a crazy year and it's only April!

I got engaged February 28th

I joined a FANTASTIC company in Jamberry the same day!

I was in an opera at my university (Mozart's The Magic Flute)

I've joined as a coach for Beachbody and will be starting my 21 Day Fix very soon!

I'm going to Europe for a week in June!

Sooooo many of my friends are getting married, and so am I :) so I guess I need to learn how to plan a wedding. I am sure I will be blogging about that journey.

I'm so excited for my fitness journey as a coach and as prep for my upcoming marriage (I want to be a healthy and fit wife!). My fiance is SO encouraging and does a lot of the healthy eating with me! (He also fences regularly, which is just plain hot; if we still dueled nowadays, he would kick butt). We have a phrase to get us through: #committedtothesexy ;)

Showing off my Jamberry nails, my drink of choice, and my gorgeous diamond!

And of course I'm excited for my journey to Europe for the 3rd time! Our university choir will be going to Vienna, Prague, and Budapest! Many many pictures to come ;)

I'm loving Jamberry, and feel wrong when I have naked nails haha. I never used to do my nails (I suck at polish, and it always smudges and chips the day after or DAY OF!) but now I'm hooked. And I love the friendships I've made through this journey of business! It's so much more than that, but it also helps me pay my bills. Crazy stuff.

Oh oh and in May I'm going to see Nightwish (right??) and one of my favorite bands EVER, Sabaton!!! Nashville, we're coming for you!!! (Who knew that this opera chick would love metal? Yeah, it's wonderful) Back in October the man and I saw Sabaton and absolutely loved their show (we already loved their music, turns out they're fantastic performers live too!) so we had to go find them again!

Total fangirl for their lead singer, Joakim <3 <3 <3

Hopefully in June I can go see Lindsey Stirling for the second time; she's truly amazing!! As a musician myself, going to live concerts is very important to me and keeps me going. I feel that we should support these artists who have given their everything for us to enjoy! Music is love. Seriously. Go see a concert. (or come to one of mine ;) )

Have I mentioned how much I love being engaged? It's the best. I have the best man in the world as my fiance and I have a gorgeous ring! So so happy!

So much excitement going on!
Time to study for finals, catch up on blogs, and get back to my journey of life!

Alexandra Anne

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