Friday, March 20, 2015

I'm a Business Lady!

Aloha Blog World! I have missed you!!

Life is so crazy right now, I'm busy in school, I'm in the opera, I'm starting my own business endeavors, and oh yeah I GOT ENGAGED. :) I'm SUPER excited about this year and all the new awesome things that are happening for me!!

The business endeavor you may have seen on my instagram (AlexandraAnne27): I am now an independent consultant for Jamberry Nail Wraps!! They are AWESOME and I am SO addicted. Did you know about these? I didn't!! But now I'm selling them and getting friends to host facebook parties so that they can earn FREE jamberry wraps :) (Yeah, free stuff is awesome, and most of my wraps I've earned for free or came in my consultant kit!)

I definitely want to use my blog as a platform for sales, so forgive me if I ever sound overly zealous; I am legit excited about this! (I'm gonna post a lot of pictures so you can see what it's all about!)

And I made my website name match my blog name, so you can very easily find me :)

As for my engagement (YAY!) I will have to do an entire post on that once we get our engagement pics taken next weekend :) I'm so very in love and VERY excited. More details soon!

So for now, JAMBERRY AWESOMENESS!! (Some pics are mine and some are my friends', they're so fantastic!)

If you would like to order from me, please visit my website!

I'll try to post more often! Love to you all!!!

-Alexandra Anne

ps. Bloggers! I am looking to host a blogger facebook party for jamberry; contact me for more info if you are interested!! <3

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