Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Year, New Me

Hello blogger world!

Boy, I really seem to abandon my little corner, don't I? I will get better and posting regularly, I promise!

I am so excited for 2015! Last year had some good moments, but overall was a truly trying year for me in every aspect of my life. This will be my year to re-become myself again, my year to prosper, my year to become stronger emotionally and physically!

Here are some of the things I am looking forward to :)

*Starting my Jamberry business! (This feels like a very blogger thing to promote!) I will become a consultant for Jamberry and can give ya'll all sorts of deals and such! I'm hosting a facebook party for it right now and will host many more in the future (maybe even some in-person parties!).
For more info check out my current party here!

Aren't these CUTE? Just in time for Valentine's day!

* I will be playing the role of 3rd Lady in Mozart's The Magic Flute at the University of Montevallo in April! 

*I will continue my health journey by utilizing the paleo and whole30 lifestyles (a blend of both, still figuring out what my body needs and works well with) so that I can be fit and happy and healthy! I can't wait to do a post on my favorite whole foods recipes :)

*I will read more! I am part of an online book club and it's great! So far I have read "The Fault in Our Stars" and am reading "The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night Time." :) I'm also reading Divergent, and The Fellowship of the Ring. 

*I'm taking ballroom dancing at school! It's not a big life choice or anything, but it is quite fun :) 

*I will fight for my faith more; I have not found a church in my area that I love or agree with enough to stay put at. I say I can just be with God alone in my house, but I seem to not give Him enough! I'd like to improve in that area. 

*I will be *hopefully* selling some of my paintings! I've been starting to spray paint for fun and I really am proud of my work (plus my friends and boyfriend all want their own!) so maybe it would sell? 
This was my first ever, I do all sorts of color schemes and sizes though! Gotta love space scenes!

What will 2015 hold for you??
Please let me know if I can hook you up with some Jamberry Nail Wraps or a Space Painting!! :) And may 2015 bring you much joy!

Alexandra Anne 

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  1. Ooooo those paintings are so pretty! I didn't know you painted. And yay! I,my lad you're reading the book. I just finished it the other day and I'll film my thoughts soon to be up on the 31st.