Thursday, July 23, 2015

Internet Life Blargh

Hello there fellow bloggers and blog readers and internet stalkers alike :)

I got busy. But I'm writing now! HUZZAH.

Also, I have this thing of watching tons of YouTube videos for hours and then thinking "I could do that." Then I just don't. But I'm seriously considering occasionally vlogging! Would ya'll be interested in that? (I say ya'll, I have no idea who actually reads this thing, but I have the hopes that somebody does!)

Speaking of presence on the internet, you know Felicia Day? Well, she's definitely my spirit animal, and I'm SUPER excited for her book to come out next month. Well....SHE FAVORITED MY TWEET YA'LL. Forreals. I cannot stop smiling. I was nerding out on twitter (Follow me! AlexandraAnne27 ) and was sharing this link to an excerpt from Felicia Day's new book "You're Never Weird On The Internet (Almost)" and.... she favorited my tweet! XD


Aaaand I recently did the math and got my hotel $$ figured out and, I AM GOING TO DRAGON CON THIS YEAR. I just have to get my ticket sometime in the next month, haha, and then I'll be able to officially say I'm going. But it's in my plan and budget, and it is happening.

I've never been, and have always wanted to go! I think it was last summer, Michael and I were cleaning stuff from my old bedroom/house, and I found journal entries from middle school where I wrote about wanting to go to Dragon Con and how I planned to cosplay as Agatha Clay from the Girl Genius comic series. I still totally would/could! But would anyone even know who I am? Maybe.

Michael will be attending as Captain Malcom Reynolds from Firefly, because he IS the captain.

I'm marrying a handsome fellow, aren't I? 

Anyway. I would LOVE to do something of the Browncoat realm, but...there aren't a whole lot of blondes in Firefly :( I mean I still could do a blonde version, or wear a wig. 

I've never cosplayed before...and I have a little over a month to pull something together. 

Heh, now that I've grown up since that middle school entry I could do Lara Croft from Tomb Raider ;) Or a female assassin from Assassin's Creed?  Or my original idea of Agatha Clay pictured below:

Isn't she cool? She's what got me into steampunk before I knew steampunk was a thing! (hipster much? oops, but seriously though, it wasn't a word/style I knew back then!) 

I'm gonna have to learn how to deal with the masses of people that attend this convention, hello anxiety attacks, but I have gone to three conventions now (of a smaller stature) and am getting the idea. Heh, after this con I should be a pro, right? 

The other con I've been to is Space City Con (which is now Space City Comic Con, I believe) in Houston/Galveston, where I met a whole ton of Babylon5 actors! I didn't cosplay, but I made myself a Psi Corps pin that only lasted me that weekend... I'm a noob, ya'll. I'll get it eventually. (Oh, I also met Gil Gerard who played Buck Rogers. BUCK ROGERS YA'LL)

I think later this week I'm gonna post a Historicon (speaking of conventions) update/review since that's where we were at last week! I will also include an awesome photo dump, Historicon is such an amazing event for me though, honestly. 

I cannot speak for the world of gamers, but the tabletop gamers that I have met in my time are some genuinely amazing people, and I would trust most of them with my life! (I say most, because there are always some butt-nugget-self-centered people out there, so I can't just say "all") 

Speaking of nerdy things, we recently (and by we I mean my awesome engineer fiance) updated my computer so now it runs Windows 7 not XP, so I had to wipe it completely (sad day, but thank goodness for external hard drives!). Since I lost/wiped most of my files, I had to pick a new background. I had been sporting an awesome picture of Serenity for the two years of having this computer. Now it's time for my first gaming fandom to be the background: 

Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation was my absolute all time favorite game of the series, and still is to this day! 

For a personal udpate: I've been hitting the gym yo! I'm feeling stronger and more energized all the day (it helps to have a free fitness center right next to the apartment, and when I go back to school I will have an even larger gym also for free! Well, paid for by student fees...blegh) 

But yeah, I'm feeling good, thanks endorphins!!!

I think that's enough rambling, don't you? ;) 

Are you on twitter? Let's be twitter friends!
Are you going to DragonCon? Let's try to meet up!
Got any suggestions for what I should cosplay?
Have you ever had a celebrity moment on the internet you'd like to share? Comment below! 

And as always, have a lovely day and lovely almost weekend! Huzzah!

Alexandra Anne 

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  1. ::cough:: Veda ::cough:: and all of the conventions seem so fun! I've been super bummed seeing everyone's vidcon pics. But I did go to c2e2 here in Chicago (basically comicon) and I'm going to NerdCon: Stories in October and I'm so excited!