Sunday, July 26, 2015

Do You Even Lift?

Lifting is hard, yo.

But SO invigorating!!! I am loving my exercise recently and how strong I am becoming. My manager at work even complimented how my leg work was good while lifting enormous buckets of water and then lowering them (total body worked, more calories burned!)

I'm working hard to save for school stuff/apartment stuff/book stuff (hehe)/ and a fitbit charge hr! I'm glad I got more shifts this week because this once a week stuff is silly. I go back to school next month so I won't have TIME for more shifts, so I need to work as much as possible now while it can be my biggest priority. That and the working out.

Last post I may have mentioned I want to vlog soon? I just signed up for VEDA (Vlog Every Day In August) and this year I'm determined to stick through it!!

Check here for updates, and right now a video of me doing some singin' in recital class at school (yay Italian arias full of passion, am I right?)

I will have to teach myself to talk to the camera on a regular basis, good thing I don't have roommates to judge me. I can't wait to learn the youtube world and world of vlogging!!!

Who is going to Dragon Con?? I'm a few paychecks away from being able to buy my fitbit AND by my con ticket! (I already have a room set up, so that's good, and it's affordable, also good!)

Still need to figure out how to cosplay and who to cosplay as...

As for fitness, since that's the main subject of the post, I am starting a challenge group on August 1st!!! I'm so excited! We are all going to do 21 Day Fix together and be AWESOME. We will also drink Shakeology every day and share yummy recipes for it. I think I want to try baking shakeology brownies ;)

Are you interested in joining the challenge group?? You must!! You won't regret it :)

Comment below or contact me (check out the contact page!) for more info! 

I love ya'll, thanks for reading <3 I'll have more interesting things to say later this week. Right now I'm exhausted from working 11hours yesterday (4am to 3pm) and then immediately going to a wedding after and then dancing a lot a lot at said wedding. I am good and sore! My creative writing will be better with more sleep, I promise ;) 

Have a great week!

xoxo, Alexandra Anne

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