Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tea, VEDA, and Historicon

Hello internet readers!!

Did you know I'm posting regularly on YouTube this month? You didn't? Well, I am! I'm partaking in a challenge/thing called VEDA- Vlog Every Day in August :)

You can stalk find me here! 

It's been fun so far, tomorrow I'm gonna start using Windows Movie Maker (finally) and try to edit my vids a little better! I'm learning. If all else fails, my iPhone take decent quality footage. I just stink at trying to get all my thoughts out coherently in one take. Eek.

I'm hoping that after August I will still vlog regularly about my fitness journey, my wedding planning, and the life I live as a vocal performance major in a small college town in Alabama :) Oh, and my gaming stuff! Duh! I still owe ya'll a picture dump.

Wanna stalk me some more? Check out THIS post written by professionals on the internet who also included me in their live podcast at said event, that event being Historicon :) I love WWPD so much, they are great guys, their podcast is awesome, and I'm honored to ever be mentioned by them.

Michael and I on the ends, WWPD in between :) 

There was much gaming, much booze, and much fun had at this convention. Next year when Michael and I attend we will be MARRIED. WHAT. 5 months left, folks. I'm excited. 

But yeah. 

Here are my some of my historicon pics!

About to head out to Virginia for HISTORICON 2015!

Right after someone recognized me from twitter! Represent girl gamers, ya''ll!

Did I mention lots of booze? Yeah, it was nice.


Our army for the Flames of War doubles Tournament :) Germans!

Painted me a halfling mini :)

Overall, it was a great trip and I'm ready for Historicon 2016 already. 

For now, I'm serving tea at farmer's markets to local Alabama tea lovers and preparing to move into my own apartment for the upcoming semester (eek! no roommates!)

Our tea is local tea that comes in mason jars, super cute and super yummy

So that's me, follow me on the YouTube for daily updates this month! 

Allie Anne 

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