Monday, March 11, 2013

Some Lindsey Love

I study classical music. It's what I want to make a job out of someday. This means that most of my concert/show attendance includes operas, orchestras, jazz ensembles, and the occasional choral group. I basically go watch other classical performers.

Well, on February 27th, my concert attendance took a turn. I haven't been to a "rock" or "pop" or "non-classical" concert in...years! (I remember going to Jump5 and ZoeGirl and BarlowGirl as a kiddo....trying to think if I saw anything else "non-classical")
Who shook me out of my classical niche for a night? 

The one and only Lindsey Stirling.
Yeah, she's amazing. Seriously, this show was AMAZING. She reminded me why I want to be on a stage; I want to invoke "the feels" in an audience too! She's super talented, and if you don't already know who she is, well, thank goodness you're reading my blog today because you need to know!! ;) 

^^This was my first Lindsey video, thanks to my boyfriend who sent me the link about a week after it was posted :) :) :)

We followed her vids for about a year when we heard that she was coming on tour! Unfortunately, she wasn't coming to Texas at that point, but she would be where boyfriend is: Huntsville, Alabama. I was super jealous. Well, turned out that she couldn't make that show, which saddened both my boyfriend and myself.
She won him back over though.
Second tour, Spring 2013.
February 25th he went to Birmingham, AL, to see her, and had a fantastic time. I had to tell him to not tell me too much about the concert because I didn't want spoilers for when I saw it!That's right, she came to Houston two days later!

Oh oh oh my goodness the concert was fantastic...I couldn't process it for at least a week. SO wonderful.

If you didn't watch the above video yet, shame on you. That's pretty much what she does LIVE at a show. Yeah, she plays violin and dances and it's just amazing! Oh and she's also a decent singer too, which we didn't know because her music tends to not be lyric based.

She was #8 on YouTube's top 10 videos in the year 2012 for this one:

A lot of my favorite songs of hers don't have videos yet, but that doesn't stop me from rocking out to them ALL the time...yeah, she's awesome.

I had so so much fun at the concert!

My swag ;) Poster, keychain(not pictured), sticker, shirt. Can you say fangirl?

Drew, the drummer! (We got a pic with Gavi, keyboardist, too, but the camera didn't take apparently :( sad day! Gavi had even replied to my tweet on twitter! )

Oh yeah, I met Lindsey and got my poster signed. <3 <3 <3 this was the only pic I got though, as she was tired (we stayed out til midnight waiting for her to come out to the bus) and wasn't sticking around long. 
So yeah, I MET my favorite violinist. And had a great time at the show!

Fun fact: I've loved violinists for almost a decade now, AND I used to play the violin myself. :) (Formerly loved violinists: Hilary Hahn, and Lucia Micarelli, both are still favs!)

I want to be like Lindsey. I want to share what I love with an audience. And hey, she did say to follow our dreams :) :) :)

Here are some more music videos, because you obviously haven't seen enough yet :)

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  1. I love her too! I was astounded from the 1st video Michael showed me. She is so different and amazing talent (dance and music).Glad you both got to go.