Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts

Things on Alexandra Anne's mind today, this lovely Tuesday:

*Wreck It Ralph is a fantastic movie! Even made me cry. Yup, total sap here. No shame. ;)

*I could listen to Lindsey Stirling all day long (see previous post, I kind of am an uber fan girl, to say the least!)

*I miss writing, so I'm gonna try to write more!

*I miss my online/blog friends!

*I need to game more. It's a fact. I'm looking at getting a new laptop (since this one is about 2 1/2 years old and kind of dying on me) aaaaand I'd love a gaming machine. The only gaming I can do is on my boyfriend's gamecube (which he loaned me, best boyfriend everrrr), and the occasional online game that my poor laptop can handle. Not enough for this gamer girl!

*Speaking of best boyfriend ever, two days ago he gave me beautiful red roses. Why? "Because I haven't seen you in a while." SO SWEET AND SPONTANEOUS I LOVE IT!! Seriously. It had been a month since we'd seen each other, so, I doubly appreciated the random flowers. I always do though.

*I recently got a book in the mail that I ordered two weeks ago: The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Ever read it? Something I said once apparently sounded like a quote from it, so I had to get it. It's a tiny little green book so I am looking forward to delving into it during my week at home.

*Spring Break is the best invention ever!! After this week I have 8 weeks left of school...mamma mia, I can do this though! Taking it one week at a time. And that also means only two months til I'm officially a sophomore in college. I'd love for the time to go by quickly, but I do not want to wish my life away. I am grateful for every moment I'm alive!

*I'm allergic to Huntsville, AL. I just sneezed a crap ton. Gross.

*I think I will now write for my own pleasure, because in addition to being a musician, I am a writer :)

Hope your week is great too!
alexandra anne

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  1. Wreck it Ralf is on my Netflix queue and I'm waiting PATIENTLY for it to come in. UGH I want to watch it!

    And I have Perks of Being a Wallflower waiting for me to read on my ipad. I can't wait to start! I LOVED the movie (naturally... Emma Watson was is int!) so I'm really excited to read the book.