Friday, October 12, 2012

Serene Singer

I apologize for the lack of posts; midterms like to dominate a student's life for sure!

Last weekend, my anniversary with Michael, was wonderful and perfect.

This week, where my exams started, was tough. I cried every day four days in a row...

But you know what? I am still filled with joy.

There is pain, emotional and physical (I have a sore throat now), but God is wonderful and full of blessings. He has given me music, so that everyday I have a physical constant I can depend on. I think He gives everyone something tangible to enjoy and glorify Him with. For me, I find joy in music. Whether it is experimenting in a practice room, or mastering a new technique in a lesson, music makes everything better!

Just a quick glimpse of my past week:

Our first hug when I picked up M from the airport

Actually...he picked ME up ;) (I tackled him in front of the escalators, so we had to make a quick relocation haha!)


That hug was wonderful...being apart for a month and a half is no fun

So so happy!

Hehe, we look so cheesy

After my first college choir concert; he's so handsome, especially all dolled up :) 

Oh, and I wore pigtails one day this week. Because, I'm definitely a grown woman and stuff....

I promise to write more and soon, but now I must rest up so that I don't get more sick =P

Hope you all have a blessed weekend!
Go Coogs!
-Alexandra Anne <3

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