Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oh, I'll Be Right Back ;)

Givin ya'll a quickie post before I head out of town; going to HOUSTON, TEXAS!!!!!! WAHOOOOO!!!! Ok, maybe I'm a bit's orientation time! Booyah! I'll be gone Wednesday til Saturday, but I have a guest post scheduled for ya'll, so check back in tomorrow (Thursday) for some journey goodness.

Praying for safe travels, new friendships, and a good good time. (I get a little "check-list-y" about trips, but I'm trying to focus on the fun too and not just the getting there, although I do have my reservations about my safety sometimes). But, it should be lovely. Houston is supposed to be 95 degrees all week/weekend long :) That's my style!

And in Cougar style, I will be sportin my red and white attire this week. Gotta show some school pride, you know. Go Coogs!

Oh hey, if any H-Town Blogger ladies wanna find me, I'll be around ;) I move in next week for good! EEK!

Super excited about this next step in my journey. God IS good!!!

xoxo, alexandra anne 


  1. Eek! That is so exciting! Have lots of fun, and make new friends! I know Steph from A Beautiful Mess and Kristen from All in My Twenties both went there for school, maybe you can get advice from them!

  2. OMG I LOVE THAT YOU'RE A COUGAR THAT WAS MY COLLEGE MASCOT TOOO!!!!!!!!! Sorry... I'm a bit enthusiastic. I just love seeing people make the transition from high school to college. It's such an exciting time! Good luck - you'll be great!

  3. This is so exciting! I hope you have an awesome time in Houston! Good luck! It's gonna be amazing.