Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Insta Tuesday Time!

Linking up with Jane at Taingamala for some instagram funness!

Let's see what my week has looked like in instagram pics! :)

Took my siblings to the park, and here I am sitting under a weeping willow; while I am not a "tree hugger" I DO love love love trees! I just love pretty nature :) :) :) My dream home is in a land with lots of trees.

Rockin the workout clothes and amazing headphones; this is how I study ;) 

Paleo friendly brownies! I really need to make a recipe page or a recipe post. 

New jeans from khols! They fit SO great! Which is saying something, because I have the silliest body. Small waist, shapely buttocks, and huge thighs (best friend calls them thunder thighs, well, they ARE strong!) so finding jeans is an adventure full of pain. But, I succeeded in my quest XD 

Speaking of quests, I love tabletop games! This is our group of pathfinder characters, I play with the guys every Sunday, and my character is the rogue on the right sporting a hooded cape and a longbow. Nerd to the core, right here.

Gotta love when the neighborhood pool is empty! :) Took my siblings, quite lovely!

Kiiiiiiiiiiind of obsessed with rings lately; this one was an early birthday gift from my momma.  My birthday is four weeks from tomorrow! 

LOVE this dress. Wore this on the "surprise" picnic boyfriend took me on last week. So comfy, and very girly ;)

What has your week looked like? Link up with Jane!
I'm headed to Houston tomorrow, so I'm SUPER excited. Hoping to get some awesome pictures (when I travel I tend to forget to take pictures...it's sad) and I'll instagram them for next week!

xoxo, alexandra anne 


  1. girl I am in LOOOOVE with that ring!!!!

  2. Shapely....? Can't WAIT for a future employer to read that one....

  3. Love the dress and those jeans! So cute! :) I need to follow you on instagram!

  4. You are gorgeous! And, you need, need, need to post the brownie recipe. The ring is gorgeous, happy birthday in 4 weeks! :) I get so excited when we have the pool to ourselves which is like never, but when it does happen, amazing. Thanks for linking up!!