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Journey Through Job-Land

Hey ya'll! I have a lovely guest post for you :) Meet my newest blog friend, Cate! She lives in one of my favorite states, Indiana, and we are getting to know each other through emails and such. I hope you enjoy today's post on one of her journeys! Check out her page, and give her some blog love, at A Little Bit Of Spunk

Hello Journey of Journeys readers! I'm so glad that Alexandra is offering me the chance to introduce myself in the blog world! She is my first "bloggy" friend, and I am grateful for her! I'm a 24 year old living in Indianapolis, IN. I like reading, playing with my puppy Tucker, and doing random things with my boyfriend, Tyler.

We're big fans of taking really bad car pictures

I am extremely lucky to have a full-time job that I actually enjoy (most days). However, it took me a long time to find it. This is my journey.

May 2010
I graduated college at Eureka College in Eureka, Illinois (go Red Devils!) with my bachelor's in Communication emphasis in Public Relations, and a minor in Criminal Justice. I knew exactly what I wanted to do: be an assistant account manager at a well respected PR firm in downtown Indianapolis.
I still remember the day I applied at the PR firm. I must have checked and rechecked that email and its attachments a hundred times. I was so excited that day, and the day after that. It was the first "big girl" job that I applied to, and in my opinion would be the only one I needed to apply to.
Needless to say, I am still waiting to hear back from that firm. I was absolutely crushed, and embarassed. I quickly realized I needed to get my butt into gear, and filled out apps and sent resumes like crazy. Unfortunatley, the economy meant that a lot of firms folded or downsized, so 3 months after graduation, I was still unemployed.

August 2010
I grudgingly started working at my hometown's Kroger, where I had worked during the summer and breaks in college (I even worked at one in Illinois for a semester). I transitioned from a cashier to a General Merchandise Clerk, which basically meant I stocked shelves in the non-grocery section of the store. I haaated it. I went to high school with my manager, and always thought he was a jerk, so that didn't help.

January 2011
After suffering few the summer, fall, and winter at Kroger, I knew it was time for a change. I applied at a daycare that my boyfriend at the time's sister worked at, and was hired on to teach the 2-3 year olds. For the first time, I had a job that I enjoyed. The pay was crappy and the hours were long, but for a few months, I didn't care. And then my first student loan payment came My payment amount was almost half of what I was making per month at the daycare.I knew I needed to find a better job, and I was also having issues with the owner of the daycare/my boss (fyi, she did not see any harm in depriving children of food, water, or the bathroom as punishment).

May 2011
I had applied for many "big girl" jobs, with no response. Coming back from my lunch break one day, I had the incredible urge to quit, and so I went to my bosses office. She met me outside with a stern look on her face, and said "sit down. Now." Gulp. Had she heard that I was looking for an actual job?Long story short. I unknowingly broke a confedentiality agreement (that I don't remember signing) that included not being friends with parents. Oook. Needless to say, I was let go. I was absolutely crushed, and then remembered that I was going to quit that day anyway. I smiled, said thank you, and went on my way. Ironically, on the way out the door, I got a phone call for an interview that would change my life.
It was for an insurance company. They were new in the area and wanted to interview me for a potential managment position. Now, me being a new college grad, I had not heard of these sometimes being scams, so I sent up a quick "thank you" to Him, and went to the interview. I was hired as a "manager-in-training" and started immediately. My real job was a sales associate. We didn't go door to door, but instead worked exclusivly with union members and their families, making appointments. I've always been a friendly person, so selling came naturally to me.

September 2011
I was doing so well at the company that I was promoted to a Training Manager, and sent to a conference in Texas. While there, I learned a lot about myself, and the company. I had become a lot more independant, and self confidant. I didn't let anyone push me around, including my very controlling fiance'. So, when I got home, I left him. I moved in with a coworker who needed a roommate, and things were great. Two single gals, rocking at their jobs. Suddenly, the dread of having a fully-commisioned salary hit. No one was buying anymore. I was still making money off of my team, but not the 2-3k per week I was used to. My roommate and I both decided to start looking for more stable jobs, with benefits.

November 2011
I walked in to my bosses office after a morning meeting, and quit. Just like that. Ironically, the same blessing as before happened, and I had a call for an interview in my voicemail as I was quitting. This time, it was for a temp position as an admin assistant for a financial company. I went through three rounds of interviews, and got the job. I would start working for 40/86, a subsididary of CNO Financial, the following week!
March 2012
After an awesome 4.5 months at 40/86, the woman I was covering for decided to come back. I was in full out panic mode. I had interviewed for a few positions within CNO, with a glowing reccomendation from the president of 40/86, but I wasn't a fit with the positions they had available. I immediately signed up with a temp agency, and got two interviews the same day I signed up. The following day, I went to an interview for a sugar company and a racing team. The HR director at the racing team called my recruiter as soon as I walked out of the shop, and wanted to hire me. I was shocked, but very happy.
August 2012
I was a temporary receptionist for the team until May 1st, and then they offered me full employment. I of course said yes, and have been happily working in my "little world" in our lobby ever since. I work with mostly guys, so it is like having 95 big brothers/ dads (which is nice when I hear a funny noise in my car). Everyone is extremely nice, even the drivers! Again, for security and confidentiality reasons, I can't blatently display which team I work for without permission, so rather than wait to post this until I do get permission, I'll just tell you that I work for a team that has very good drivers, and we did well in this year's Indy 500.
I am so incredibly happy with where I am now, job-wise, but I also remember the two long, frustrating years it took me to get here. The one thing I would say to people looking for their first job is to never give up. Even if you apply to hundreds of jobs each week, only get five phone calls, and one interview, at least you are trying. That's what counts. It doesn't hurt to pray about it too, like I did :)
Come visit me at www.alittlebitofspunk.! You won't be sorry...but if you are, I'll make you some kickass cookies to make up for it!

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  1. Nice to meet you, Cate! Glad you finally have a job that you love! Evidence that persistence matters!