Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ciao & Howdy!

Hey readers :) How's your week going? I bought jeans yesterday, which is pretty exciting for this girl who mainly sticks to skirts and dresses and the like. (Can I say, I love Plato's Closet prices?!? YEAH! I'm oh so thrifty you see...) and I also attended a movie night with boyfriend and his guys. We had some good laughs, and some good pizza, and I was thoroughly entertained by Captain America and Mystery Science Theater, both of which I had never seen.

Tomorrow I am SUPER excited to meet up with a girly who went to U of Houston as a music major, and we have mutual friends HERE in Alabama! Small world right? We'll be grabbing coffee and such, I can't wait to hear her stories :)

Today I'm linking up with Mrs. Monologues for the monthly blog star link-up! (Where, I have to write about myself....k.........I always feel so vain....)

First off, Hi! I'm Alexandra Anne, but I go by...well, that IS what I go by. I have a plethora of nicknames, you see, and each one has a story and special meaning. You can read about that here.

I'm an 18 (5 weeks shy of 19) year old, about to head off to college full time (I say full time because I HAVE taken college classes, and I HAVE lived on my own, but now I'm doing it all together) in Houston, Texas! I'll be at the University of Houston Moores School of Music as a vocal performance major. This leads me to my next point:

I sing opera. That music where the fat lady sings really really loudly and dresses like a viking? Yeah that stuff. Although in my case it would be more like, that music where the boy is played by a woman, or the woman is a gypsy who dies terribly, or the woman is a sister with very very loose morals, and such. (The joke about my voice type, mezzo-soprano, is our roles are: witches, britches, and ...well there's another word that rhymes but I won't say that on here, for the sake of being polite). 

My Momma blogs too! She also has an Etsy shop (see button on sidebar) and I love to play with her stuff. I mean, I don't periodically stare at her vintage collections...........of course not......... ;) 

I'm dating this guy; I write about him a lot. His name is Michael, but I mainly refer to him as boyfriend. 

I love vintage jewelry, and am obsessed with chandeliers. 

I love to cook for my family.

I love to dance in the kitchen ;) 

I love Jesus, and thank Him for the many many blessings in my life!

I am a nerd. For example, I spend my time as a halfling rogue in D&D, I shoot bad guys with Lara Croft, and I curl up with Neil Gaiman to see what adventures are ahead. I'm a bit of every kind of nerd, really. ;)

I lived in Italy in 2011, for 6 months, and fell in love with the country and with opera. 

My favorite colors are blue, red, and lime green. Aqua blue is my favorite though, if I had to pick one. 

I love to make new friends, and would love it if you would comment/follow, or message me! If you'd like to write for This Journey of Journeys, lemme know; or hey, I love just making new friends and chatting away the day :) 

I blog here (obviously...)
I check email here: chandelier27aaa@gmail.com
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You can see my pics here

Nice to meet ya! Stick around a while, ok? :) 


  1. Thanks for stopping by.

    I knew nothing about Opera until last semester when the only 400 level english course that was left open was Opera Literature. I moaned at the thought of taking a class in which I knew nothing about...but it ended up being my favorite course that semester!

    The first opera I ended up going to was Don Pasquale earlier this year. I can't wait to get back to NY to see a show at the MET.

  2. Thanks so much for linking up! That is super cool that you sing opera!

    Mrs. Monologues

  3. Yay for being able to meet someone who can give you a good idea of what life in college will be like! Having those connections is SO helpful! And I didn't know you played D&D! I never played, but I had a lot of friends in high school who did.

  4. I love Italy and found your Italy blog first, going to read up on that!