Monday, July 9, 2012

What's in a name?
Here are some nicknames I've earned over the years (and some funny stories to go with!):

Alex- this is probably the most obvious nickname, and the majority of my family and random people in my life call me this. It's simple, logical, and I respond to it. (I probably respond to "hey you" as well =P). BUT, for years I detested this name because of its androgynous ways; I still remember being a little kid and hearing a kid at the pool tell me that "Alex is a boys name." Well, poo on you, mister. I will respond to this name, as I have no control over what people call me ;)

Allie- originally from the grandparents, who called me, from birth, Allie Bird. No idea why I'm a bird....perhaps they want me to fly? Well, if my family isn't calling me "Alex" they are usually calling me "Allie." Especially my siblings. (little kids can't really say "Alexandra," not to mention "Alexandra Anne;" it's too much for a kiddo!)
Allie Anne- this first came from two of my best friends, and now my boyfriend calls me this as well. I love it because it is special, and those three are the only ones who call me that. Plus I think it sounds cute. :)

Alejandra- from Jarrod, and random individuals across my life. People just like to say my name in funny accents, I suppose.

AAA- This is easy to type, and people DO indeed call me this to my face. "Hey Triple A, how's that coming?" Etc etc. If other people in the room don't know my full name, they look at me reallllly funny. But once I explain my initials, they think it's pretty cool (ok, I'm just assuming they think that ;) I think they are cool initials!)

Alee- From my Brazillian friends whom I met (funnily enough) in Italy of all places.
Alessandra (bionda)- what my Italian friends called me; in my class in Milano, there was another Alexandra (she was from Germany!) so she was Alessandra Marone (brown, because she had brown hair) and I...well. I think you can figure out why I was called Alexandra Blonde ;)

Boo- This is from my Daddy. Ever since I was little, he has called me that. He still does :) He's the best Dad I could ask for. <3

My full name is: Alexandra Anne Austin (please note: alexanDRA, not alexanDRIA; there IS a difference ;) I'm a girl, not a city)

What nicknames do you have? 

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  1. Very cute post! I can't say I have an electric share of nicknames. Lee, E, Eli, Leesey, Lise - all pretty obvious for an Elise :)