Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday Nonsense

I cannot come up with a proper title for today's post, because I have SO much to say! :) :) :)

Thank goodness for Sar's Thursday Thoughts and It's OK Thursday link ups

Um, let's try bullet points, because this ADD chick has way too much on her mind.

*In two weeks I move to Houston, Texas, and in 6 days I visit briefly for orientation (anyone in Houston wanna hang on the 15th or 17th in the evening?)

*I'm singing at churches here at home for the next two Sundays, so I'm looking forward to that

*My wonderful/amazing/sneaky/lovely/awesome boyfriend surprised me with a picnic in the park last night! (Story below)

*We watched Phantom of the Opera when we came home, so all morning I've had "Angel Of Music" and such in my head. That show always makes me want to have multiple voices so I could sing every part at once. ;) Yes, I want to eat my cake too.

*I want to start composing music and writing stories again. Seriously. I'm terrible about finishing (I stink at follow through...) but I think I am willing to train myself to have better self discipline.

*I love love love classical music; or even just big orchestral music. That has been playing on my iTunes a LOT this week.

*Apparently I won a giveaway on Whitney's blog! I will soon have ad space on Myra's blog :) Thanks ladies!

*I am obsessing over Lindsey Stirling's music lately; violin amazingness.

*At some point I should take that math placement, probably...which means tomorrow ;)

*Thank you pinterest for awesome workout ideas! I had a PUMPIN' workout yesterday!! :) I got so so into it, and that NEVER happens. I just kept going and going and loved it. However, my body hates me today hehe, we will work on this. Meaning, I will push and push more.

*God is SO good and is constantly surprising me with His blessings, and sometimes He even lets me in on His plan ;) (I'm sure He laughs at me A LOT because I'm little miss planner girl.....yeah, I know it isn't up to me....)

Ok, now for the story of my date last night ;)
(Btw, for the sake of clarity, M = boyfriend. It's just easier to type ;) )

On Tuesday M asked me if he could call my mom to work out our schedule of dates for the rest of the week. He then chatted me online saying he'd pick me up Wednesday at 6. Cool beans. He also told me that his mom wanted to cook for me, since we would be hanging at his house. I, of course, reacted with "awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!"

Wednesday 6pm came around, and he arrived at my house to pick me up. He came inside to say hi to my family, as is the norm for us. Mom asked me to go practice piano with Thomas really quickly before we left, especially because she had a piece of furniture for M to put in the truck (I didn't question this, as, I cannot lift big furniture, plus she had mentioned it the other day anyway).

We get in his car a few minutes later, and he starts telling me about his day and then says "I still have one more errand to run actually, downtown. Your mom said you wouldn't mind." I replied "all I want is to spend time with you, so I'm chill." It is true! I would've been content to just drive around all day with him, if that were our plan.

So, the exit comes up for downtown Huntsville, and I ask where he has to go and he says "well, once I find the park then I can know where it is in relation to that." Ok, that makes sense, the park is a good landmark. Plus, driving downtown is horrendous in my opinion.......silly one way streets. We eventually do find the park, and he pulls up to the parking meter to park. As we get out, I ask him, "so where are we going?" He merely says, "Right here." I think I looked at him funny, and he walked to the back of the car, opened the trunk and said to me "A reliable source says you likes picnics at the park." XD He pulled out a picnic basket and a blanket. I was COMPLETELY surprised, and so so very very happy.

Turns out that he and both our mothers were in on this. His mom made us the yummy food, he and my mom coordinated a cover story (hehe, the little liars pulled it off) and she donated a huge picnic basket.

I had a lovely time with M on a beautiful day at the park. It was so nice to enjoy each other's company, even though for an hour or so I could not process that it was actually happening. I was in such shock ;)
We even heard someone playing saxophone (of course it was "for us" we said), and a gentleman who walked by gave us the thumbs up and said "Great idea! Good job!" I'm so glad we gained a stranger's approval. =P

M was a true gentleman, and even defended me from evil  geese and a monstrous (ok, it wasn't that bad) bee. It was a perfectly lovely evening with my man :)

Have a good rest of the week ya'll!
xoxo, alexandra anne


  1. I love how you combined it all into one blog post. I thought about doing that and wrote separate ones.

  2. Oh my gosh, the picnic in the park is an adorable idea! 100 Awesome Points for M!

    Also, I'm in Houston right now and it's positively gorgeous. Beware! ;)


  3. So glad we all pulled it off! He was so excited. Glad your Mom actually had a basket.Ha! What service will you be singing in? Love you!!

    1. Love you too! I'll be at Nathan's church this sunday (a 10:55 service) and I'll be at traditional both services on the 19th at Asbury.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, I went though all your blogs to find you! ;) Picnic in the park sounds so wonderful! Love that everyone helped pulling it off! :)