Thursday, July 19, 2012

Va Bene (It's All Good)

I feel bad that I haven't blogged in I am going to attempt to make up for that :)

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It's OK Thursday and Thought Provoking Thursday all in one ;)
Here goes!

It's ok:
That I spent my time waiting at the doctor reading Mockingjay (almost done!!)
That I am about to take a nap 
That I have been very busy this summer!
That I am moving to Houston in 5 weeks 
That I no longer know the name of my future roommate
That I open up to new friends quickly (God is pretty awesome)
That I love completely and wholeheartedly
That I dance in the car exactly like my Daddy
That I love linkups
That I made paleo-friendly muffins last night and have already eaten three
That I have a senior recital in 3 days!!!
That I am slowly but surely growing in my scripture dedication
That I am a lover :) 

In Italian, we say "Va Bene." It's all good. It's ok.
Verse of the day:
"Create for me a pure heart, O God! Renew a resolute spirit within me!"- Psalm 51:10 (NET)
Alexandra Anne


  1. No idea! I went online to see if my check-in info was up yet, and her name wasn't there anymore :( Oh well! God has a better roommate in mind, of course :) I'm not worried haha.

  2. I love your attitude and your blog looks so fun!!! Newest follower via blog hop! Would love if you would follow back!?