Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Good weekend with good friends. I'm pretty sure that's what a Friday night in the summer should be like.

Of course, my silly medical issues weren't necessary...really body? Sigh. But I had fun nonetheless, and felt very loved by everyone around me.

So I've been planning Friday's adventure for a few weeks now. Boyfriend and I were going to go down to Arab to see Jessika and Jarrod. It was going to be an all day/overnight trip. Awesome right? Yes!

Well....Thursday night, my body rebelled. See, I've had a cavity for a while (gross, I know) and I have put off calling the dentist because it had never been a pain problem, and I didn't want to be a burden or anything. Silly me...Thursday afternoon it started hurting. That night, it got even worse. I didn't sleep at all. Every 5 minutes I had to sit up and drink gulps of water just to keep the pain down (my loads of ibuprofen were no help). So I stayed awake all night. Just so ready for 7am to come so I could call the dentist. I eventually got an appointment with them for that morning. Boyfriend was kind enough to drive me there and help me watch my little brother (mom and sister were at a school appointment, because my sister is genius child ;) love that kiddo).

Long story short, the doc gave me some meds, painkillers and such.

But I was not about to let that ruin my whole weekend. I still made the trip! And I'm glad I did, even though a few times I had to bow out of activities and go lie was still loads of fun with some of my favorite people.

We went shooting, played with puppies, roasted marshmallows over a huge bonfire, and ended the evening with a viewing of Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein.

Boyfriend and Myself =)

Jarrod driving, getting the bonfire ready

Jessika and Myself =) 

Fire! Shiny ;)

Jessika is great at capturing moments like this :) 

"Do the Titanic pose!" Um...ok? Well, I like it anyway 

Oh Michael, what are you up to? 

Playin with a puppy =) =) =) (I have puppy's bad, guys)


Isn't that pretty? 

Again, I think he's up to something ;) 


My friends and boyfriend all helped take care of me and made sure I was having a good time (thanks to Jessika for always taking loads of pictures!). I love these people so so much, and they better visit me when I'm off at school! ;)

Anyway, I am still in recovery mode (meds don't tend to agree with my stomach...) and am trying to enjoy my restful times.

Have a blessed week!!
Allie Anne (as those three like to call me) <3

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