Monday, June 11, 2012

Storm's A Comin [but it is ok]

Life is full of changes; you would think after 18 years of life I would accept that fact. But I'm still the girl who has to sit in the fourth pew in church, the girl who must stick to traditions, the girl who wears the same ring (I love my Mom) every day.

So, is my life average? Boring?
Um, I lived in Italy last year, traveled the US this year for auditions and such, and am moving to Texas in 2 months. So just geographically in a year's time I have been to three different countries, flown all across my own country (this year counts 16 airplanes, just in a 5 week period), yeahhhh I think change is kind of inevitable for me.

But I cling to scripture (as best I can, I am definitely a flawed human being, we all are) and am so thankful for the family God gave me. That's not all He gave me though; I have been blessed with close friendships, people I can depend on.

I'm moving. I'll be far away....

Guess what?

He gave me something that will never leave me; passion. Music is His gift, and I am so humbled to take part in it. Music is my way of worshiping and praising our Savior.

"Make a joyful noise to the Lord!"

"I will sing to the Lord."

I'm gonna be alright. Wherever I go, whatever storms I may walk through, music will be there, and He will be there.


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  1. Encouraging post! I like the way you write. Moving is hard...change is hard...but like you said, He will always be there...and your passion for music, too. Love it!