Sunday, June 17, 2012

Memories; Mi Manchi [father's day 2012]

The human memory is a strange thing. Certain objects can invoke a specific memory, while other times we rack our brains so very hard trying to hold on to a moment from so long ago. 

For me it is often clothing that sparks memories (maybe it's a female thing?); I usually will ruffle through my closet, find a dress, and think to myself "oh yeah!! I danced at my sweet sixteen in this!" or when I wear my UAH t-shirt I remember the night I met the boyfriend. But the biggest memories from clothing are Italy based. When you live in Italy for 6 months and fall in love with opera there, finding your passion in life, it is kind of a life changer, thereby making the clothes quite sentimental. 

(August 2008; night the boyfriend and I met, and danced quite dorkily) 

(Night before the joust; this dress always makes me think of Porto Dell'Foro! Our district colors were on that scarf. This is with my lovely opera friend Julia) 
(June 2011)

That's what I was thinking about last night. A year ago, the night before father's day was La Giostra Saracino (The Sarecen Joust) in Arezzo, Italia. That night was the craziest and most fun, and we stayed up super late (cough cough, of course I got 8 hours of sleep every night Mom.....but hey, it was a Saturday night, and we didn't have class on Sundays...) and realized that early morning that it was father's day. The joust was kind of like Alabama football, but possibly even MORE of a big deal (can you believe it?) Anyway; that night was very memorable. Of course, I was living with the other students at that time, and was several hours away from my family. It was one of those father's days that I wasn't with my Daddy. 

(the party after the joust; lots of dancing and many many people!)
(June 2011)

This year is another one of those. He's in Afghanistan til October, which is two months after I move out. (I'll get to see him next month though! He's visiting for two weeks and will *hopefully* see my senior recital!) 
I miss the guy. He will always be the first guy I've loved, the most important man in my life until I am someday given away. (My baby brother is the 2nd most important man in my life, by the way, he's 6 years old and I tell him it is ALWAYS cool to hug/kiss your big sister. Always. ;) )

So today, I couldn't be with my Daddy and give him a hug. I couldn't take him out for coffee or play D&D with him. But I am so thankful that he is alive and we were able to skype him this morning! (Haha, parenting through a little box is pretty amusing). 

I'm grateful for my parents. Anything good I have to say about myself is because of: A) the grace of God, B) my awesome awesome parents. I am definitely a blend of the two of them (they met in theatre actually, so I was doomed from the start ;) ) and they are my favorite people. I hope to someday have a marriage like theirs, one that is strengthened despite this terrible situation/distance. 

I love you, Daddy. 
See you soon. <3 

(September 1993; Daddy and newborn Alexandra Anne) 

"Listen, my child, to the instruction from your father, and do not forsake the teaching from your mother. For they will be like an elegant garland on your head, and like pendants around your neck." -Proverbs 1:8-9

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