Saturday, June 16, 2012

Breath of Life; Adventures in Babysitter Land

First, let me make a confession.
Florence + The Machine- "Breath of Life"
I have been obsessing over this song for over a week now. It's my "everything" song. I listen to it when I'm exercising, when I'm studying, when I'm getting dressed, when I'm reading, when I'm writing, it gets played several times in one day, sometimes in one sitting.

Today was a long long day in Babysitter-land and I believe I can officially add to my list of self-labels, "The Babysitter." (Often if I'm meeting new parents I truly introduce myself as "Hi, I'm the babysitter!")
I watched three little ones for 12 hours.
But, as I love children (and am a poor college kid needing income), babysitter is a label I proudly wear.

 (the babysitter- quite exhausted after a fun day with kiddos)

Speaking of college; 10 weeks until I move in!!!! Eeeek! I'm trying to not have a countdown mentality, but that's difficult when it is a life-changing sort of deal. That's my fleshly reaction of course; but I think I need to be focusing on THIS moment. Right here. Right now. We aren't guaranteed the future. We should aim to always glorify God and make the most of each moment.
For me? This means telling/showing a lot of people that I love them. I know I fail, humans are not capable of perfect love, but I hope the people in my life can see my huge love for them.

So now, after that lovely 12hour shift of work (yes, babysitting may not be Uncle Sam paid, but it is still labor), I shall read until evening's end.

What's on my nightstand currently?
I'm almost done with Stardust by Neil Gaiman
Halfway through Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman
and have recently started Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.

Yes, I'm ADD child and read several books at a time (I get this from my parents, so, my future kids are doomed! Poor things.....).

Off to book-land I go!

With love,
Alexandra Anne <3

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