Sunday, April 29, 2012

Crazy, Passion, Love

It's pretty safe to say that everyone loves music to a certain extent. Music drives us, entertains us, calms us, energizes us, etc. We don't all care for the same style of music, but most people like some kind of music. It's a common factor among people.
But how many of us mean it when we say "I love music!"? How many of us would put our life on the line for music's sake? Who would risk their livelihood and careers for music?

11 months ago I had one of those moments. I knew. It wasn't what I would've picked necessarily, and I certainly cannot say I chose my passion. It hit me full throttle. Kind of like when someone throws a cream pie in your face. WOOSH! (See how crazy it is? I have to relate it to pie…it's honestly the only analogy that comes close to describing it!)
I fell in love…with opera!

Classical music.

I can't claim to know my future one bit, I have to trust God on that (He has it all worked out, that I know!) but I DO know that God has given me this passion for a reason. The most I know right now is: go to school.
Wait….what? Go to school…for opera?? What? Ok…

Does anyone know how difficult that is? (This isn't complaining, I thank God every day for the joy of music and the love He gave me!) Applying for colleges with a major in Vocal Performance is a long and arduous process. Long story short: Apply, send in an audition dvd, get (hopefully) invited, go audition at said school, wait for acceptance/rejection, wait some more, wait wait wait. That's the basic process. It's almost May and I still don't know what college I am going to.

But guess what?
I couldn't be happier.
I have a clear message from God. I know what He needs me to do right now. I'm not guaranteed anything, I don't have a clue as to what is down the road. But I know He is telling me to go to school. I can't wait! And each day, I fall more and more in love with music.

Thanking God for His blessings!

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