Monday, October 20, 2014

Stories Untold Through Music

Hello hello, it's music Monday!

I was riding in the car with my boyfriend yesterday listening to one of our favorite bands, and I mentioned to him that I am so glad we have so much music in common but also both listen to a wide variety of music!

Today on the blog I am sharing some music that's been on my mind lately, hope you enjoy and link up with Music Monday too!

This indie original is by my dear friend Erin Rea, currently performing in New York and sometimes Virginia. I cannot recommend her enough! My other favorites of hers include: Keys, Days, and Yellow Umbrellas. Let The Light is her latest single, and she has two EPs available on itunes OR free download on her site

She speaks to the subjects we can all relate to, but with a sweet beauty of music that resonates so very well with each of us. I love her "storybook" telling through music, I am always captivated by her songs!

Here's another vid from Erin that I adore :)

This past weekend I have also been on a musical theatre kick (thank you Wind Ensemble for playing a Phantom medley!), so of course, I watched my Phantom of the Opera dvd this weekend and have plans to watch Les Miserables tonight!

But here is a great live cast for Phantom and I adore this cast so so much!

Could Ramin Karimloo be any hotter?? And Sierra's high notes? YES. (Fun fact, she also has played the Little Mermaid on Broadway!)

My other indie love is definitely Lindsey Stirling! She is my dancing violinist love and I have been following her music for a few years now! It all started with her Zelda video...

Boyfriend and I were hooked!!

Her latest video came out today but can (for now) only be seen on this BuzzFeed article! Check it out :)

Next weekend the boyfriend and I are going to a heavy metal concert. Yeah, you read that right! There are three bands playing but we are going for Sabaton, a Swedish power metal band that sings about historical events! Their music is awesome and someday when I teach my kids history I will definitely be utilizing this music for their educational purposes too. Plus, they just rock, literally. ;)

This song is from their latest album "Heroes." If you watch the video you will see what the song is based off of. Can't wait to see them live!!!

My other favs from this band include: Primo Victoria, Swedish Pagans, Night Witches, and many many more :)

I'll leave you with a few other songs for funsies :)
Have a great musical monday and a great week!

Alexandra Anne 

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