Friday, October 24, 2014

Dare to Dream- Five Minute Friday

Today we link up and write for Five Minutes with no edits/rewrites; raw, pure, unfiltered thoughts.

Scary right?

I love it.

Isn't it neat how open we bloggers are with others on the internet? Some of you I have never met but have become so close to via blogging and that is incredible to me!

I would love to "virtually meet" more of you! Please feel free to comment or email me (you can find my info on my contact page)!

So here we go...
Today's word?


5. 4. 3. 2. 1.... GO!

Truth or dare is a game played by (mostly) young children. We've all played it at some point or another with somebody in our lives. Truth can be scary, needing to open up about something potentially personal! But dare? Dare could be downright dangerous!

The past few weeks I have been wondering where my life is headed. I know that every college student dreads the question "so what are you gonna do when you graduate?" It's a nightmare to answer; especially as a music major! Non musicians look at me kind of funny and assume I want to be a big star but will never make it.

My voice teacher said I have a gift, but that I had been seeming to lack drive. So the question again came up, "What do you want to do after you graduate?" That question sat with me for DAYS. I had felt like I was settling on this degree and that I would never actually get to sing and that it was useless.

Isn't that sad?

But after many heartfelt conversations with loved ones, and some serious consideration, I had a bit of an epiphany.
I want to sing! I want the MUSIC!

Ya'll, I have loved music since I was in the womb, no joke, you can ask my Mom. My parents still have a piece of paper I wrote on as a kid saying that I decided I wanted to be on Broadway. I loved musicals all through growing up. :)

When I lived in Italy in 2011 however I fell in love with opera! Classical music is beautiful and so neat and fascinating, and I loved the characters and the music I was studying. (Being a mezzo-soprano has great perks!)

So my dare to myself is to dream, but not just dream a little, dream big! I want to perform, ya'll! Whether it's classical or musical theatre, or hey I could be a rock star, I will SING.

My dare to you is to do the same; I know paying bills isn't easy (especially not when you're an artist). But you can pay the bills and follow your passions and dreams too. If you love it, the work will be hard and scary, but wonderful and ultimately so rewarding.

Dare to dream!

Ok so I wrote for six minutes instead of five, big whoop. I wrote what I wanted. My blog, my words, my rules ;)

What are your dreams?
What do you dare to do?

Have a great weekend dreamers!
xoxo, Alexandra Anne  


  1. Great post! I am amazed that you wrote about daring to dream, because in my FMF post that is exactly what I wrote about as well! Check it out, because we wrote a lot of similar things! I am a Theatre Major, and also a senior, and also wondering what on Earth I am going to do with this degree. My fiance is a Vocal Performance/Music Education major too. Best of luck to you! I will be checking back on your blog to see where your path leads you. Keep singing!

    1. Here's my post:

  2. Go girl! Go for it!