Monday, September 15, 2014

Music in My Heart

Hello blogworld!

It's been months and months since I've written here, but I am feeling led to actually commit to writing again :) Yay! I've wanted to for a while but the timing hasn't been right. Then, tonight, I was perusing some friends blogs and found Emmy's Music Monday linkup- what a neat idea! I'm too late for the linkup, but it is not yet midnight and still monday ;) Here I go!

I am now a Junior at the University of Montevallo in Montevallo, Alabama. This is a wonderful town and I can't wait to post pictures and share stories of the life I'm living/loving here. But that is not my topic for tonight. Tonight, I must share about music. Heh, since I'm a music major I have so many things I could discuss. I will share what was shared with me in a class today:

If you get the chance you should look up "The Lady in No. 6." It is about a concert pianist who is the oldest holocaust survivor and still plays the piano every day at the age of 109. Wow!!! Her story was so moving (she played for propaganda films during her stay at concentration camps) and she was filled with such love and peace despite her horrible circumstances as a young adult.

I want to be like that lady, finding joy in everything, and finding the spiritual in music. She said "Music is a dream. Music is God." A classmate mentioned that his belief is that music is the divine, it's something God gives us and puts in our heads. I agree! What a gift!

This post isn't long, but I hope that you will look into her story.

To end the post I will give you some music to enjoy as I have been enjoying it lately :)

I promise to keep writing more!

I'm a total fangirl for Lindsey Stirling! Plus these vocals give me lyrics to sing along with and a new idol in Lzzy Hale! :)

This song is so cute! How many songs are about a guy wanting a lifelong commitment? <3 Plus it's stinkin' catchy.

I've been watching old episodes of Chuck and this is the theme song. *Cue dorky dancing*

Orchestra meets dubstep? Yes. Just yes.

:Love me some Demi Lovato! This video is totes adorbs too. And I love her tattoos!

What music do YOU like right now? I'd love to listen!

xoxo, Alexandra Anne

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  1. It really has been a while! I'm not the biggest music person, but I am a fan of Lindsey Stirling...should I admit that it's largely because of her clothes?