Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Ciao amici! I apologize for the lack of posts recently, I've been travelling and auditioning and just BUSY. Now I'm sitting down on the couch, watching Ellen, snuggling kitties, and drinking diet pepsi :) Time to catch up my lists and blog world! (I will say, I have not missed my nightly pinterest addiction ;) love the app on my iphone, it makes planning my fantasy world super easy!) anyway, here goes the listing!!!!

*Favorite tools to create with
-Duct tape, laptop, instagram, paint, yarn, pencils, gel pens

*Favorite fictional couples
This is one where I fangirl so much, and I'll probably forget a lot, but here goes!!

Lorelai and Luke- Gilmore Girls
Sokka and Suki- Avatar: The Last Airbender
Kaylee and Simon- Firefly
Buffy and Spike- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy- Pride and Prejudice 
Katniss and Peeta- The Hunger Games
Lily and Marshall- How I Met Your Mother
Jasmine and Crosby- Parenthood
Sidney and Vaughn- Alias

*Projects I’m in the middle of
The lists! Painting my minis for Warmachine. Losing weight and getting super fit and healthy. Packing up my apartment for moving out in May.

*Favorite childhood games/tasks
Heads up 7up. Mafia. Cribbage. Apples to Apples. Uno. Playing house in the treehouse. 

*How I feel today
Sleepy but glad to have Spring break! I'm also looking forward to spending time with friends and gaming some more near the end of the week. Today is a good day, and I love the warm weather and sunshine. 

*Keep calm and….
Keep calm and drink coffee. It gets you through everything. (If you don't like coffee, you shouldn't be reading this blog  try tea! Quite calming).

*If I ruled the world
I would probably break down and cry for a few minutes...that's too much responsibility! But hey, maybe then I could stop world hunger and find homes for all the orphans and I would plant a lot more trees everywhere. Because I love treees. 

*When I need to focus I…
I have to have music on and try to not text anyone. Because I am super A.D.D. and get distracted a lot, I do the reward system with myself to bribe myself into productivity. (I.E. 30 minutes of study, 20 minute episode of How I met your mother, 45 minutes of study, 30 minutes of gaming, etc).

I'll try to do my lists on time now!!!

Alexandra Anne 


  1. Love the lists! I'm TOTALLY a list maker, it helps me process my thoughts and feel accomplished when I can check things off the list : )

    Thanks for coming to Hump Day Happenings! Hope to see you again next week

  2. This was fun! It was nice to read a little more about you and get to know you a little better. :) I also disconnect from my phone when I need to focus on something. I tend to stress out very easily, and my anxiety kicks in and I start to panic. When I can I try to do a few yoga stretches and drink some tea to help me calm down and focus on the positive. Thanks for posting this :) Look forward to reading more!

  3. I am a huge fan of lists too! Thank you for linking up with Hump Day Happenings! You have been pinned.

  4. pretty nice blog, following :)