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Typing On A Tuesday...

Hello friends!
Do you like my superhero there? This could be me most nights; if I'm tired I often get very very emotional and take everything the wrong way. I've decided that I cannot take life too seriously past 9pm usually. It's helping, haha!

I realized I had not posted about Space City Con. It was so so so much fun!!! I got to meet actors from Babylon5, Game of Thrones, and Buck Rogers in the 25th Century :)

After reading Claudia Christian's amazing book "Babylon Confidential," I started to really respect her as more than a beloved character; this woman overcame so many struggles and is now a counselor for those with alcoholism. She also played one of my favorite characters on one of my favorite tv shows from the 90s. Babylon 5 !!! It was such an amazing show, and a huge part of my childhood/upbringing.
Can you imagine how star struck I felt when I got to MEET and take selfies with one of the main characters???

When I approached the celebrity table where Claudia was hanging out, I honestly didn't know what to say. Maybe I should be thankful for the conversation her assistant/handler started when she tried to get me to buy a copy of Babylon Confidential. I told her I was so sorry but I already had a copy!! ;) I ended up buying her other book, filled with hilarious anecdotes, "My Life with Geeks and Freaks," and the musical makings of the Babylon5 cast called "The Be Five." After a few minutes of conversation with Claudia, she said to me "You know what, I'm gonna throw in a picture because you're such a huge fan of the show." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told her I was studying music and she wished me luck, and autographed a picture of her character on the show. Holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The photo says "To Alexandra, much luck to you!"

I came back an hour or so later and requested a selfie with her; she is so gracious with her fans, and really really funny. (You should YouTube her panels from conventions, and from space city con, she is a fantastic storyteller!) She was kind and fun to "hang out" with! (For those of you who have never attended a convention like this, most celebrities charge for pictures with fans, but she wasn't about that).

First picture attempt...

She took my ipod and said "let me try, I have long arms!" :) :) :) 

Claudia trying on a fan's cape of feathers

"Lift your head up, let's get better light." I love this lady!!

Now, I have to do a teeny little Game of Thrones plug, but honestly; I've never read or seen the show. (GASP, right?) But that made my experience pretty fun. I was waiting in the photo op room (where I got my picture with Buck Rogers, more on that below...) waiting for my picture to print. And in comes Jason Momoa just eating a sandwich and getting ready for his photo op. I got to just chill out near him and the photographers. I also saw the swordmaster from the show, as he was taking pictures with some guys and he autographed their swords. Pretty neat! So yeah, I met some well known celebs... no big deal right?? I didn't get pictures myself just because I didn't want to be a creeper, ha!

Back to Babylon5 (the reason I really came to Space City Con); among the cast of attendees was my favorite ranger from the show, Marcus Cole, played by Jason Carter. He was always funny on the show, and seemed like someone you could be friends with, someone loyal and kind. He is just like this in real life!!!! He still has the hair, it's just slightly grey now ;) Mr. Carter ALSO let me take a picture with him, and he signed my Con program even though I couldn't buy anything from him. He signed it with a stick figure of the ranger, and wrote a Minbari phrase, "Entil'zha!" I was so so excited!!!! I'm going to buy his t-shirt of the stick figure as soon as I get a paycheck, you should too!


So. Buck Rogers. Most people my age haven't even heard of the show (although if you like the show The Guild, Erin Gray guests on it and she was the main female in the 70s series). I definitely HAD to go to the Buck Rogers panel at the Con. Twiki was there too! (So, honestly, I didn't know that in the show the robot named Twiki had an actual human inside...I thought it was real.... *facepalm) So anyway, their panel was super funny; Gil Gerard (who played Buck) and Felix Silla (Twiki) were great together and have been doing these conventions for years and years.

Myself and the wonderful Gil Gerard!
 Now, how I got the picture: I was supposed to get a photo op with Claudia, but since I had never been to a con before, I didn't know she had a photo op schedule. Oops!!! But, I got my selfies. Great memories. So, I had this already paid for photo op ticket, but no Claudia (and most of the B5 actors were packing up too). So, I took my ticket to Mr. Gerard, and I am so glad I did! I asked him, super polite and shy and such, "Would you please do this photo op with me?" There wasn't a line or anybody behind me, but he turned to his assistant/handler and said "You got this?" She nodded and he said "Sorry folks, you'll all have to wait!" Haha, he was funny. I said, going along with the joke "I feel so special!" and he turns to me to say "You ARE special, baby." XD
 He was such a gentleman and so sweet.
When we were getting ready for the picture, the camera guy had to pause and fix something, and Gil said "It's ok, we'll just hold each other." And he gave me a great embrace. (Fangirl moment!! Eee!!!) We got the picture taken, and he told me I had a great smile. Buck Rogers from the 25th century told me I had a great smile. If meeting Claudia hadn't already made my weekend, seeing him certainly did!
Buck and Twiki during the panel

Height difference ;)

It was a great weekend and I had so much fun!!! I hope to meet these actors again someday, and maybe have more than a college student wallet ;)

Here are some more pictures from the con!!

Alexandra Anne

Delenn and Lenier!! 

Claudia's panel; I asked a question!

My Psi Corps costume pin I made; still working on finishing it! 

The cast recreating an old photo, for funsies ;) 

Alexandra Anne

Glossy Blonde

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