Thursday, January 30, 2014


Five Minute Friday

It's been a while since I've linked up here, but I am looking to grow my blog community (I love making new friends via writing on this little page and seeing their pages!) so here I am! Also, I'm awake watching Jimmy Fallon interview Melissa McCarthy and am trying to tire out my kitten so I can get a little deeper sleep tonight.

If you haven't been here before, I am Alexandra Anne, a  20-something blogger who is currently a music student in Houston, Texas. I love Jesus, music, my family, my friends, my kitty Zoe, and my blog friends. I write to share my life stories and to connect with others who may relate or offer new perspectives. Everyone has something to share :)

Five Minute Friday is where we link up with Lisa Jo (who I am also joining by watching and being part of a group on (in)Courage this winter) to write for five minutes straight without editing, correcting, or over thinking. It's a very raw and vulnerable way to write, but it also brings us closer to each other AND lets the Lord speak through us in His wonderful way. Words are magical to me; they are my friend. So this writing prompt has always been one of my personal favorites.

Here we go.

Are you ready?

Today's word:


Hero. We often picture a hero as someone strong, someone who has it together. The hero of the story saves the damsel in distress. The hero has a conflict that somehow always gets resolved.

But that's fiction. We don't live in a fairy tale

To be a hero doesn't mean to be squeaky clean.

Sometimes the hero falls down

I am not perfect. I have moments of weakness; sometimes the moments last longer than I'd like. I fall down. I'm not in control.

She doesn't have a job, but she tends to the family

He wakes up every day and feeds the animals

She finishes her degree even when she really cannot agree with the school system

They stay together and fight for their marriage, to keep the vows they made to stay true forever

These are real examples of heroes.

Life isn't pretty. Life is full of messy gross and dirty mistakes. Sometimes we even have the best of intentions, but it doesn't work out.

But we keep going.

One day at a time.

We're still here aren't we?

And those we've lost? Those are the heroes we honor. We will always remember her confidence in us, we will remember his funny stories, we will remember how she took care of her family.

Life is full of journeys of heroes.

I'm one of those heroes. And so are you.


What does the word "hero" make you write? 
Have a blessed weekend,
xoxo, Alexandra Anne 

ps. After writing this post, the nerd in me must declare that I have "Everyone's A Hero" from Dr. Horrible stuck in my head!! :)

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  1. Hi, Alexandra Anne,

    Beautiful reflections here...written with love. Thank you for sharing your thoughtful insights into the "hero." Jesus died for us all so that we could share in His victory over death. He overcame so that we can overcome! Amen!

    A song for you to enjoy:

    Blessings to you this Sunday!

    Your writing friend from 5MF,