Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I love lists. No, really, I LOVE lists. When my boss gives me a list of things to do, I get excited to do them and cross them off the list. It's a sickness, and I love it. 

Hello, my name is Alexandra Anne and I am addicted to lists. So addicted, I registered for 30 Days of Lists XD XD XD Yay!!! 

I've wanted to be a part of this for a while, and I'm finally on time and on board! 

Do you love lists? You too can register for this fun journey :) 

It's gonna be great. My first list is the test run example they gave us: What are you looking forward to this March? 

I'm looking forward to:
*Spring break!!! I get to go HOME and REST. Isn't that all we want? I just want sleep. And to sing a lot.
*Getting healthier- I am on Weight Watchers, I am going to exercise more, and I am going to get FIT and SEXY (for myself haha) ;) 
*Seeing the finale to How I Met Your Mother (so sad for it to end, though!)
*Singing the National Anthem at U of Houston baseball games!!! 
*Petsitting for someone and getting a temporary playmate for my Zoe kitty girl 
*Trying new flavors for my new Keurig
*Painting my army for Warmachine 
*Rocking my make-up jury 
*Seeing the next class of SAI get initiated :) 
*Going to my second blog meet up 
*Being a part of 30 Days of Lists!!!!

What will the month of March hold for you? What are you looking forward to most?

Alexandra Anne

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