Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Day in Houston?

I'm grateful to have time during the middle of the day to write in my comfort space :) Houston has a "snow day" currently (which really just means there is too much ice on the roads to drive on).

Today I've sipped coffee and read the words of other bloggers; I've met my new suitemate (who shares a name with my kitty!); I have bundled up under all my fuzzy blankets.

I want to praise God for life, even when life is hard. I've suffered a loss recently, and I will hopefully open up about that here eventually, but I will still be grateful.

Life is beautiful. Life is hard. Life is not easily explained. Life requires a big cup of coffee some days, and a calming cup of tea others. We don't walk through life alone. God puts people in our lives just when we need them. Sometimes, they've been there all along!

Today I registered to be part of the blog community with (in)courage; I'm going to be part of a 30 member group and we will possibly never meet. But that's the beauty. God's women will come together and heal together and I am so excited for this step in my journey.

I'm grateful for my friends and sisters here. I'm also grateful for the sisters I'm going to meet with this group.

God is good. Always.

Alexandra Anne

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