Wednesday, January 29, 2014

good, bad, and ugly- rose version

Have I mentioned my awesome sisterhood? Last semester I was initiated into the music fraternity for women (yes, you read that correctly!) Sigma Alpha Iota (or SAI). I love love LOVE my sisters. Love. LOVE.

Sometimes my sisters and I do something we call "Rose, Bud, Thorn." It's a good way to update each other on where we are lately and to end on a positive note.
The thorn, as you might guess, is something negative or not so pretty going on in our lives.
Bud simply is something in progress; something we are looking forward to, perhaps, or something that is in the process of coming to be.
And then we end on Rose, something positive or happy.


Here is my not so good, my hope, and my positive:

Thorn: Healing is hard. Whether physically, emotionally, or all of the above. It stinks.Words do not seem adequate enough for this. But I am choosing to not dwell.

Bud: I am exploring alternate options for my future and I am really excited about all the steps that will involve! I get to travel, I get to sing, I get to be daring! I have no idea where the path will lead me, but I am trusting God and am super excited.

Rose: I love the people (and furry critters ;) ) in my life! I am beyond blessed by my family, boyfriend, sisters, friends, and my kitty. Every day God shows me that I am loved and will be taken care of. He puts the right people in our life at JUST the right time. It's wonderful.

To end this positive post, I'm going to share some pictures for my sisterhood :) They just make me so happy.
Our motto is from the Latin: Vita brevis, ars longa. This translates to, "Life is short, art is long."

Please comment with your thorns, buds, roses, or whatever! I would love to get to know you more and am happy to pray for you as well <3

Alexandra Anne 

Love my sisters!

My first shirt with letters!! And it's BLUE! :)

Recruitment shirt; I approve.

My Big sister, Sharon! 

Sisters off to the Renaissance Festival  :) 


  1. A singing sorority? That sounds awesome! I wish my college had one of those. And it's awesome that you're keeping such a positive outook. And you have so much time to figure it all out!

  2. This is great...well-written....heart-felt/sincere.....words of truth....I love the entire rose/bud/thorn happy that you have found such amazing "sisters" there. Love, YM