Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Part 2- Chapter Something- Moving

I have moved into a wide variety of places in my two decades of life. Houses, apartments, dorms, across the street, out of a suitcase, in a different country with a different language, into a friend's house, etc. I've changed living situations a lot.

Tomorrow I head back down to Houston. And today,  I really really really realllllly do not wanna pack. I want to be in my new apartment (on campus) and settling in and meeting suitemates and seeing my friends again. I want to create my new space. But right now is the hard work part. Packing all my hoarding belongings into my seemingly tiny 2001 Toyota Avalon. (I blame my parents for loving books and being pack-rats and then raising me to think that's ok =P )

But I am excited. Excited for my sophomore year of college. Excited to be a 20-something in four weeks. Excited for my opera. Excited for potential job opportunities in Houston. 2013 still has some great months in it, and I am excited to embrace this semester and thrive.

What are you getting ready for?
What's your favorite thing about moving?
What does the rest of 2013 hold for you?

Love and miss my blog family!
Alexandra Anne


  1. I admit my packrat ways that influenced yours and fully confess....well, your dad helped, too! Love you/praying for a year of blessings....of renewed self-discipline....of joy....of peace...of a closer walk with God for you at U of H.
    Your Mama

  2. can't believe you're in your SECOND year of college! I hope it's 100 times better than the first! I miss you too...I've gotten away from blogging...I should pick it back up!
    Love you!