Tuesday, January 22, 2013

That Time I Had Red Hair...Sorta...

I am not a rebellious person by nature. Since I've gotten to college, the most rebellious acts have probably been: wearing sneakers with my jeans (this bugs my mother immensely, so I have gotten it into my head that you just don't wear those together, except when you have 8am classes every day and run around campus too much...), skipping breakfast SOMETIMES (I love breakfast, I really do, so it pains me to admit to this rebellion...), and, well, dying my hair dark red was slightly rebellious. It wasn't even supposed to be a rebellious act. It was supposed to be me letting go and embracing the new future full of changes around me. Yeah, I dyed it the first day of college. 

It stuck for a little while! This dress really brought it out :)

Well, my hair is typically blonde....therefore, it doesn't hold red very well, sadly.

My hair faded back into blonde again.

I loved the red, so, blonde coming back made me feel like my hair is actually the rebellious criminal here. It just does what it wants to! 

Shortly before I came home for Christmas, I tried strawberry-blonde, and it sorta stuck. People said I had red hair; Dad called me "spaghetti sauce." Yeah. 

But the strawberry blonde didn't show in pictures. I swear it was strawberry blonde on Christmas day. Nope, not gonna show up. 

I'm considering being bold again. I'll wait til after my opera haha, I don't think Russians in 1952 had bright red hair ;) 

What crazy things have you done with your hair? 

alexandra anne 


  1. You have the most gorgeous eyes!! Hope you have a great day!

  2. I love your blonde but I also liked the strawberry blonde. I accidentally turned mine a dark burgundy that looked neon purple in the sunlight.Ha. It was when we were in the UK and their colors are a LOT different from here!!