Wednesday, January 23, 2013


See that? That title right thar? Yeah, that's Russian, hehe. ;)
Cheryomushki. Translation? Cherry Trees.

I'm in a show! Originally in Russian, now sung in English by Moores Opera House. This will be my first opera in Houston, so I am excited. As a chorus gal I get to wear a cute 50s dress, and a "construction worker" outfit. Yeah, you kinda need to see the show to get the ridiculousness of it :)

We started doing hair and makeup for the show, gotta love them curls!

I must've done really well with my hair last rehearsal when all the gay guys complimented it. That's big kudos for the opera world <3

I look like a box...but you get the idea. We're so manly =P

The famed hair with curls; wahoo! 

Lovin that har. Forreals. 

Come see Cheryomushki! (click the pic below for show details)

What era hairstyle should I try for funsies sometime? :)

alexandra anne


  1. Ah so fun! I get to dress up in 30s era clothes and hair for the next play I'm in. So excited!