Thursday, September 6, 2012

Texas Is Hot

Can it be? Is it she?

Yes, my friends; I'm posting!
I apologize for the lack of posts; I guess that's what happens when you move and start college. Mamma mia! Life is crazy busy! But I am in love with music, life, and my Lord!

Some quick thoughts (because I do need to get to sleep early, hehe)

*I love being a vocal performance major at the University of Houston Moores School of Music :) I have mostly music classes, and love meeting others who are just like me. We're all crazy passionate about what we do, and I enjoy the material I'm learning.

*My dorm is: small, nice, friendly, loud (girls at 11pm AND 2am...), cozy, mine. My room has slowly but surely become my new "home." That's kind of surreal to me, but I'm glad I'm making myself a home. I live in Houston, Texas. This is my home. (Someday I'll get used to saying that hehe)

*8am classes stink. Especially when you live on the other side of campus..... oh well, a 20 minute walk never killed anybody.

*I went to my first football game ever. Yup, I'm 18, and I had never been to one. (Homeschooled, aaaand, never really gave a darn about sports...sorry ya'll...)

*Whenever I tell people I'm from Alabama, they all go "Bama" in a funny southern accent. Really guys? Is that what we sound like?

*While I don't care for sports, I do love school spirit! (Free t-shirts are fun too). GO COOGS!

*I miss my Alabama family/friends a lot, but I love all the people I'm meeting here! UH (University of Houston) is such a diverse school! My friends consist of mostly music peoples, and people I live with/near.

*I do not care for fire drills at 9pm

*Texas is hot. My face melts when I walk outside (then I freeze whenever I'm indoors, because the AC is always ridiculously high).

*I can't wait for ya'll to visit me ;) You know you want to. <3

Have a lovely weekend!!!
xoxo, alexandra

ps. Here are some pictures to tide you over, since I'm way overdue anyway. <3

Student ID; not super attractive, but it is the magic key to everything!

My first football game! Too bad we lost...boooooo...

Tier One school, booyah! 

Where I live!! My tower is the South tower, the one on the right.

View from my room desk. Note the lovey picture in the corner ;) 

One of my new friends! This was at the Class of 2016 tailgate 

My amazing-voice-teacher's room! I love voice lessons so so much!


  1. Welcome to Texas, sweet girl! It is hot, but you'll get used to it! :)

  2. Hahahaha, wait until you get fire drills at 4am. Those are the best.

  3. Looks like a great time so far! :D